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Pop-top caravan renovations

In this post we’re going to be looking at pop top caravan renovations so that we can see if any special considerations need to be made for the pop-top aspect. (And because I looooove looking at renovated caravans, let’s be honest) Heads up: this is a loooong post with lots of pop top caravan renovations …

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DIY Caravan Makeovers

Before we got our caravan, I had all these aspirations of doing our own little DIY caravan makeover and really making it a home on wheels. As it turned out, we only had 2 weeks from when we picked up the caravan to when we moved into it. So she only got a couple of …

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Ben & Michelle | Road Trip Around Australia - Caravan Renovations - we've stopped in Dubbo to pick up some work (hopefully with our new drone!) to fill up the coffers and save for a caravan. We're thinking about renovating an older caravan. I hope we're not setting ourselves up for trouble!

Caravan Renovations

Did I tell you that Ben and I have stopped in Dubbo for a while? We’ve decided that we’ll stay here for a couple of months, find some work, some accomodation and buffer up the kitty a little bit. Speaking of work… we’ve just bought a drone! Ben’s learning to fly it, and with the …

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