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Illustration of car and small caravan. Text overlay: Tiny/micro/mini caravans 2022 update.
White SUV towing teardrop camper with a orange sunset in the background. Text overlay: Teardrop Campers 2022 update.
Woman camping with her small campervan; and text that reads: The best small camper vans (2022 update).
Hybrid caravan set up at a campsite in South Australia, with text: Hybrid Caravans Australia.

About Us

We’re Ben and Michelle, we’ve been travelling around Australia since 2017, firstly with a camper trailer, then a vintage caravan.

Before setting out on our trip, we had so many questions like: do we need a 4WD, which camper trailer can we afford, what about a toilet, how are we going to power our laptops and, the biggest question of all, how are we going to fund our travels?

We figured that if we’re asking all these questions, then others are too! So we’ve compiled all the information you need for heading out on your own road trip around Australia.