12 Volt DC Appliances for the Kitchen

In one of the facebook groups I’m in, someone was asking for recommendations 12 Volt DC appliances for his caravan kitchen; in particular he was looking for a 12v coffee machine that uses Nespresso pods. The poor guy that asked the question got A LOT of answers but pretty much none of them answered his actual question. So I decided to do a little hunt of my own, to see

Funding Your Trip

The BIGGEST question that surely, must be on everyone’s mind is, “How are you funding your trip?” and “How on earth am I going to fund MY trip around Australia?” or something like that… but probably with more expletives than this PG rated blog can mention. There are those that are retired and drawing an income from somewhere, investments in stock, real estate or whatever, and/or the government. And there

Awesome Small RV / Motorhome

Last year I wrote a (desktop) review of this awesome small RV/motorhome over on my other blog. Well… I use the word ‘review’ lightly, basically it was just me gushing over this Australian made compact motorhome to my mostly American audience. Now that we’ve been on the road and know what kind of travel we’d like to do, we’re pretty sure that a car and caravan combo would work the

Four of the Best in Dubbo NSW

We’ve made Dubbo our home-for-now as we save for a caravan and work on our online businesses. Situated just 5½ hours drive from Sydney, in the central west NSW, it’s the largest town in the Orana region and I love it, cos it’s got everything I need. (Oh, except a beach :-/) We’ve been here for a few months now but it wasn’t until we had two sets of visitors

Our Top Six Camping Essentials for a Road Trip Around Australia

Of course everybody is different, we have different ways of camping, different priorities and certainly, different budgets. This list of our top six camping essentials are what WE think are essential. You’ll probably be different, but it may also make you consider some items you hadn’t thought about already. Disclaimer – some of these links are affiliate links, which means that if you buy we will receive a tiny percentage

How to use Pinterest for your travel blog

Have you heard all the craze about Pinterest? Are you thinking that you should be jumping on that bandwagon and using Pinterest for your travel blog? Bloggers the world over, from every different type of niche, are proclaiming the wonders of Pinterest and how it’s bringing in an avalanche of traffic to their blogs. Is this true, or are they just trying to sell you something? Heads up: this article

Quiz: Which Set-Up is Right for your Road Trip Around Australia?

If you were to get distracted by the scores of caravans that you see traversing the roads of Australia, you’d be forgiven for thinking that a caravan towed by a Toyota Landcruiser or a Mazda BT50 is the only way to go. But you’d be wrong! Take this quick quiz if you’re curious to know what set-up is right for you. What do you think? Is this what you were

Enjoying the dusty back roads of Australia

I saw a picture once, of a 4WD on one of the long, straight dusty back roads of Australia. The road was red and dusty and stretched out into an impossibly blue sky. You could imagine the heat radiating off that road, the flies annoying your every breath and the slight breeze that did nothing to take away any of the heat. There’s something about that picture that radiated more

Caravan Renovations

Did I tell you that Ben and I have stopped in Dubbo for a while? We’ve decided that we’ll stay here for a couple of months, find some work, some accomodation and buffer up the kitty a little bit. Speaking of work… we’ve just bought a drone! Ben’s learning to fly it, and with the help of our good friend (a videographer) we’ll get a couple of jobs to get