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Vintage Caravan Renovation | @twocutekelpies

Vintage Caravan Renovation by @twocutekelpies

I LOVE looking at vintage caravan renovations and seeing the transformation from a well-used, tired, old and usually quite water damaged caravan, into a chic, comfortable and stylish holiday home on wheels.

And this renovation by Shelley from @twocutekelpies (Instagram) is no exception!

I’d been following the renovation of this very cute little York caravan for a while now. And when Shelley posted the final photos of her vintage caravan renovation I knew you’d want to share in this with me!

Shelley started this renovation back in mid-2018 but she’s been doing this one, along with a couple of others!

I know that what you most want to see is the finished product, so we’ll start with that first. But you must scroll down and see what this caravan looked like before all this beautiful work!

This little van is a 1972 10ft York, here she is with her new, sparkling paint job.

Small York caravan with freshly spray painted white exterior


And the interior is cool, calm white, with a splash of colour in the splashback and upholstery.

Interior of renovated vintage caravan


Interior of vintage caravan renovation showing door, storage cabinet and double bed.


Interior of a renovated caravan, showing the dinette area.


What I find really amazing, is seeing the state this caravan was in when she first arrived on a tilt tray!

Vintage caravan sitting on a tilt tray


And then things got worse…

Old caravan with the body removed from the chassis. And a kelpie dog sitting out front.


Before getting a lot better…

Exterior of 40 year old caravan stripped back ready for renovation


Follow all the steps of this vintage caravan renovation

The other amazing thing about this renovation (other than the total transformation) is that Shelley has documented every single step in the renovation process.

For anyone else embarking on their own renovation, this is GOLD.

See the whole process, from start to finish, with details of different aspects of the job.

And be sure to follow Shelley on Instagram, to see what other projects she undertakes (like the 1974 10ft Franklin Regent she’s working on now!)


Do you love looking at these amazing transformations as much as I do?

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I’d love to feature some more caravan renovations, so if you’ve got a van that you’ve finished renovating and would like to share it with us all, send your photos and some information about your renovation to: and we’ll share it with everyone.

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