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Teardrop campers for sale in Australia

If you’ve been looking for teardrop campers for sale here in Australia, you’ve come to the right place.

I’ve been thinking about teardrop campers ever since we had a couple of these little campers come in to the show grounds.

One turned up on a bit of a windy, blustery day, so we set about finding them a reasonably protected spot (right beside the chooky sheds, as it happened) since they needed to cook their dinner without the wind whipping out the flame on their gas cooker.

This got me thinking about the pros and cons of a teardrop camper trailers and whether or not I could travel in a camper that is so small.

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In my opinion, the pros and cons of teardrop campers are pretty much at the opposite ends of the spectrum. What makes teardrop campers great… can also be what make them horrible!


  • Small – basically a bed on wheels
  • Light weight – can be towed with almost any vehicle
  • Have most things you need – a warm bed, cooking facilities, somewhere to retreat in the rain
  • Price – not as cheap as a tent, but certainly not as expensive as a full caravan. You’re more likely to be looking in the $10-20k price range for a teardrop camper, compared to $50k+ for a caravan.


  • Small – you can’t stand up in them, so it’s really just for sleeping and relaxing
  • Outside living – it’s basically just a bedroom so you’ll be doing most of your living outside (which can also be a ‘pro’!)
  • No bathroom – so you may be limited to staying in caravan parks or campgrounds that have facilities

There’s not a whole lot to be said about teardrop campers, really.

They have that distinct shape, they’re generally only a little big bigger than a double or queen bed, and have a kitchen on the rear end.

Teardrop campers are not so common in Australia, but I have seen a couple and it got me to wondering if there are many manufacturers here in Australia. Thanks to google, this is what I’ve found…

For clarity, I’m only going to look at campers that are in that classic teardrop shape that are only about as big as a bed, and have the kitchen on the rear.

There are plenty of other small campers that are only as big as a bed, but just to keep this list from becoming bigger than Ben Hur, I’m limiting it to teardrop shaped campers.

Teardrop Campers Australia

First up, let’s look at teardrop campers manufactured here in Australia, then we can look at those that are manufactured overseas.

The Teardrop Camper Company

The Teardrop Camper Company are a NSW based company that specialises in teardrop campers Australia.

They currently have 8 teardrop camping trailers in their range but talk to them if you have some special requirements. They’re a small company who are keen on R&D so you’re not just a mindless number with these guys.

Below is the Grand Tourer ‘GT’, check out The Teardrop Camper Company website for the full specs on this beauty.

Price: $21,392

blue teardrop camper with the kitchen open
The Teardrop Camper Company

Little Guy Australia

With four models in their range, Little Guy Australia is based in Adelaide. The ‘Deluxe’ (below) is the lightest of their models but has everything you need for a great Aussie getaway.

Little Guy Australia

For more information on these teardrop camping trailers and where to find dealers, head to the Little Guy Australia website.

Price: $13,185

Riptide Campers

Riptide Campers are more on the larger side of teardrop campers, but still retain that classic teardrop shape.

Below is the Freestyle which is the lightest of the Riptide Campers. See the rest of the Riptide Campers over on their website.

Price: $20,950

Riptide Campers

Tucana Teardrop Camper

The Tucana Teardrop Camper produced by Stonegate Industries is a a bit larger than the others, with the inside bed area able to be converted to a dinette set up, and the addition of a large tent to the side of the camper increases the protected space by a lot.

There are a lot more photos on their website, so go and check out the Tucana Teardrop Camper here.

Price: $27,999

Tucana Teardrop Camper

Cool Beans Campers

Cool Beans make hand made custom teardrop campers in Western Australia. They’ve got a great little kitchen set up and a vibrant colour scheme.

Find out more about Cool Beans Campers on their website.

Price: $35,000

Cool Beans Campers

Smidge Teardrop Campers

Smidge may only be a year old (started manufacturing at the beginning of 2019) but they have years of design and manufacturing experience behind it.

Smidge is manufactured by Suncamper Motorhomes and have 3 campers in their range (the ‘Dash’, ‘Drop’ and ‘Dram’) 

See more on the Smidge website here.


Smidge Teardrop Campers ‘Dram’

Caretta Camper

The Caretta Camper is a cute little number (aren’t all of these teardrop campers though!) but they also do teardrop shops, cargo trailers and off-road teardrop campers.

Check out their full range on their website

Price: $24,999

Caretta Camper

Travelbug Teardrop Campers

With names like Snuggle Bug and Escape Pod, these cute teardrop campers are a winner with me.

A family owned and run business from Darling Downs, there are four camper models for you to choose from.

See more on Travelbug Teardrop Campers website.

Price: $14,900

Travelbug Teardrop Campers

Thanks to some very helpful comments from readers, we’ve got some more Australian teardrop campers to add to the list:


A construction company that specialises in high quality custom projects.

They can build you a teardrop camper, and everything is bespoke to you can have it exactly the way you want it.

See more over on the Sawhorse website.

Price starts from: $16,400

Kitchen in the rear of a tear drop camper


What a great little camper this is! I’m loving all those solar panels too.

See all the details and inclusions on this little beauty over on the Nookee website.

Price: $17,100

Orange teardrop camper hooked up to a Rav4
Nookee teardrop camper


Builders of custom-made tear drop campers. Their design includes a queen size bed that converts into a seat, perfect for those rainy days when you’re stuck insid.! And I love that huge window in the front!


Blue Navitear teardrop camper in a green field


This Sydney based start-up markets itself as the ‘most affordable’ teardrop camper, and it does appear to be very reasonably priced.

Check out the Wotpods website to see for yourself. 

Price: $12,990

Wotpods teardrop camper set up for camping with the rear kitchen hatch open
Wotpods teardrop caravan

Rugged, off-road teardrop camper hybrid trailers

The following campers are that hybrid between a teardrop camper and … something else? Maybe a camper trailer? Or are they just called pods?

While they are the teardrop shape, they’re not necessarily that ‘classic’ shape we’re all familiar with. But they do have the kitchen on the back.

It’s just that they’re the teardrop camper with more.

More suspension. More ground clearance. More solar. More awning. More high tech.


With that roof top tent option, this may be what some families are looking for? Click here for the Bruder website

3 Children inside a rooftop tent on top of an off road teardrop camper
Bruder EXP-4


The Sheoak is another rugged teardrop / pod by Lumberjack Camper Trailers. Check out the Lumberjack website.

Sideview product photo of the Sheoak off road teardrop camper by Lumberjack
The Sheoak by Lumberjack


A great little camper that gets into the spots you want to explore. See the Rover on the Stockman website.

Man beside a campfire with a teardrop camper
Stockman Rover

BRS Offroad

The Sherpa is a striking camper has been aptly named, it carries everything you could need. It’s got a roof-top tent, bat wing awning, ensuite tent and all in a small and light package. See all the details over the Sherpa on the BRS Offroad website.

Side view of a rugged off road teardrop camper

Teardrop Campers from around the world

Below are some of the most popular and well-known teardrop camping trailers from around the world.

I’m including these so you can get an idea of what else is available on the market.


I’ve already swooned over United States based nuCamp on my other blog ( where I talked about the T@B trailers (you can see that post over here), but nuCamp also have the T@G teardrop trailers.


These are very stylish little campers, with luxuries like TV and air-con! And plenty of upgrades for going off-grid if you want to.

You can see lots more photos and models, over on the nuCamp website.

Tiny Camper

Now across to Lithuania where they’re building these great, little Teardrops.

They have just two models, the Mini and the Off-road

Tiny Camper do have teardrop camper kits but they’re based in the EU so not really much good to us in Australia.

Check out the website.

Tiny Camper

Timberleaf Trailers

The beautiful Classic Cabin from Timberleaf Trailers makes me feel like you’re really experiencing the rough and rugged outdoors… without too much of that uncomfortable rough and ruggedness!

She looks a beauty, doesn’t she! And fit’s right into her natural environment.

See more pictures, details and specs over at

Timberleaf Trailers

Vintage Overland

You can tell just from the pictures that Vintage Overland take great pride in crafting each of their teardrop campers.

See these beautiful designs and read the story of how they got started over at:

Vintage Overland

What about if you want to build your own teardrop camper?

You may be looking for teardrop camper plans or even teardrop camper kits, but I’ve found them pretty hard to come by here in Australia.

However, I have found a website that’s a wealth of information for anyone building their own teardrop camper trailer.

The Aussie Teardrop Campers website has heaps of really helpful information.

Teardrop Camper Kits

The only Teardrop Camper Kit I’ve been able to find here in Australia, is a Chesapeake Light Craft Australia kit sold by Denman Marine. Here’s a link to the kit so you can check it out for yourself.

Denman Marine

Would you consider a teardrop camper for your holidays around Australia?

Personally, I think a teardrop trailer perfect for us if we were on a holiday, but definitely not for our full-time life.

Does this make you want to hop straight online and look for teardrop campers for sale near you?

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Small teardrop camper camped at beach. Text overlay: Teardrop campers 2021 Australia


Sunday 28th of March 2021

Hi there, We are looking to purchase a teardrop camper.....just one concern. How can we enclose the side area of the kitchen with a more permanent awning. Most of the options on the market appear Very light weight and take away from the appearance of the there a manufacturer or tent maker out there that custom makes awnings? Specifically to suit teardrops? Vistabule a company in the USA seemed to have one, but not available in Australia...😀

Donna & Gav

Sunday 20th of September 2020

Hi, currently travelling in NW WA in our T@B 320 for past six weeks. Over the past 14 years of owning & travelling in our T@B teardrop, the only downside is people asking & interested about our van and the surprise they get with how much is fitted into a small space. If your travelling requirements enable you to live the teardrop lifestyle, please don’t delay and buy one ASAP. Donna & Gav


Sunday 13th of December 2020

Hi Donna and Gav, did you purchase your t@b secondhand from me in Mornington?! A yellow one?

Debbie Iddles

Friday 4th of December 2020

Great advice Donna & Gav. Any hints on where to purchase a T@B in Australia?? Deb


Sunday 23rd of August 2020

Can anyone help me with a 4 sleeper Tear Drop? I have contacted all the companies listed in this article & am having no luck! We have 2 small children & ive seem some interesting set ups including a bed above the queen & bunk beds. Some people have made their own but I don’t have that capability! Help! This is what I want for my family to adventure in!!


Monday 14th of September 2020

obviously a bit in expensive side, however you may be able to adapt using the hammock/bunk idea with a Bruder exp-4

Chris Harrison

Sunday 9th of August 2020

Having a teardrop camper for last 5 years or so, it has been well-worth the purchase. Longest trip was about 6 weeks around Tassie, no problems. Need to make sure you keep things quick and simple, eg have some kind of shade- instant up gazebos do the trick, lightweight and quick to take down. You need to be organised with your gear with a teardrop. If you are not going to use something, don't take it.

One of my friends built the Denman Marine kit. It's an impressive lightweight unit. There's one for sale in Melbourne for $11K- painted grey though.

There are some other local manufacturers, though they come and go: (classic 1940s style traditional build) Karavana- Gippsland, (more a retro/gypsy vibe- website not loading today, have a look on pintrest) (a modern interpretation, lots of built in solar, pretty cheap price) (clamshell fiberglass teardrop, interesting design, made in Horsham I think) (pretty slick design, with folding couch, Bendigo built?) Apple Pod (Queensland, site not loading. Aus build fibreglass, will customise)

And for more off roady- but you are going to need deep pockets...

Lastly something a bit bigger but well designed Canadian teardrop-styled van for sale in Aus.


Sunday 9th of August 2020

Wow, that's lots of helpful info Chris! Thanks so much. :-)


Thursday 30th of July 2020

Hi Michelle, So glad I came across your website. It has been super helpful in the search for my first Teardrop. Love the Ridge - thank you Mike. Cheers Tammy

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