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Family Caravans | Caravans with permanent bunk beds – 2024

Looking for a caravan with bunk beds for the whole family?

This  post is for the families out there, who’s number one requirement when shopping for a caravan is that they can only consider a caravan with bunk beds.

A caravan with bunks is really the only way a family can fit into a caravan. Especially if you’re a large family.

I would have thought that finding a caravan with bunk beds would be quite a simple requirement, and I also assumed that there wouldn’t be all that many options. 


There are over 140 caravan manufacturers in Australia (listed further below) that make caravans with bunks, and between them, there are over 700 different models!

Admittedly though, many of the layouts and features seem to be the same; I mean, there’s only so many different ways you can organise a bed, kitchen, bathroom, dining and bunks in a 15m2 space.

All the bunk models on a spreadsheet

If you just want to see all 700 different models, I’m selling a spreadsheet where I’ve painstakingly gone through every manufacturers website and listed every model of theirs that has bunks.

I’ve included the Make, Model, Length, Number of people it sleeps (in permanent beds), Base Price (where listed) and other notes like whether it’s off road, includes a bathroom, tanks, power and more.

In the spreadsheet I’ve only included caravans with permanent bunks – not dinettes that convert into bunks, or bunks that need to be folded down.

Click here to buy the Caravans with Bunk Beds spreadsheet.

Don’t forget – you can see all the manufacturers that make bunk models further down in this post. The spreadsheet is just if you want to see all 700 models.

Caravan Bunk Bed Configurations

Double or Triple Bunks

Most of the bunk bed models come in either double or triple bunks. Here are some examples:

Australis have 9 models in their range of family caravans, from 16.6ft to 22.8ft, and you can opt for either double or triple bunks.

Double bunk beds inside the Coastline family vans by Australis Caravans.
Australis Caravans – Coastline
Triple bunk beds inside the Coastline family vans by Australis Caravans.
Australis Caravans – Coastline

Obviously, whether you opt for double or triple bunks depends on the number of kids you have. Most caravan manufacturers seem to offer either, but sometimes that’s not possible (like in pop-tops, where there isn’t enough height for triple bunks).

But there are some layouts that have the double bunks plus one more single bed, like the Jayco Journey 17.58-1 below.

Inside of the Jayco Journey 17.58 pop top caravan showing the double bunks plus one extra bunk.
Jayco Journey

Quad bunks

For the larger families, there are caravans with 2 sets of bunks. Elite Caravans have a couple of layouts:

The Hume Series 4 – 4 Bunk with 2 sets of double bunks.
Hume 2200 FV 8-10 Sleeper Caravan floor plan.
And the Hume 2200 FV 8-10 Sleeper which has 2 sets of either double or triple bunks.

Expanda Caravans

If it’s lots of beds that you’re after, and not strictly bunk beds, then the expanda type of caravans are also good for sleeping lots of people. You can have bunks but also a double bed at each end, like the Jayco Expanda 17.56.

Interior of the Jayco Expanda 17.56-2 pop top caravan showing the bunk beds.
Jayco Expanda 17.56-2
Floorplan of the Jayco Expanda 17.56-2 pop top caravan.
Jayco Expanda 17.56-2

Another option that you may want to consider (but which I haven’t included here since they’re not permanent beds) is toy hauler caravans. They often have bunks in the garage area that can be folded down when needed for sleeping and folded up when the area is being used for hauling the toys.

Cost for a caravan with bunks beds

You can buy a new caravan with bunks in Australia for around $60-70k.

But the price range is pretty wide with some from as little as $38,990 for a small caravan with no bathroom, right up to $240,00 for all the bells and whistles like the CRZRVAN Family Explorer.


Below are all the Australian caravan manufacturers (that I could find!) that have bunk models in their current range.

You certainly don’t need to buy the spreadsheet (although, not gonna lie, I’d love it if you did!) you could just go to each of these websites and have a look through their full range.

Australian Caravans Direct
Adventura Caravans
Alpine Campers
Altitude Campers
Aussie Fivestar Caravans
Aussie Wide Caravans
Austrack Campers
Australis Caravans
Avida RV
Billabong Caravans
Blue Sky Caravans
Blue Water Campers
Boss Adventure
Brilliant Caravans
Canyon Caravans
Capstone Caravans
Carrera Caravans
Cedar Caravans
Century Trailers
Concept Caravans
Condor Caravans
Conqueror Off Road
Coronet RV
Cosy Cab Caravans
Crusader Caravans
Design RV
Domain Caravans
Eagle Camper Trailers
Eden Caravans
Elite Caravans
Elross Caravans
Emu Campers
Essential Caravans
Everest Caravans
Evernew Caravans
EzyTrail Campers
Fantasy Caravan
Fortitude Caravans
Franklin Caravans
Goldfields Campers & Caravans
Goldstar RV
Goldstream RV
Golf Caravans
Grand Salute Caravans
Great Aussie Caravans
Highline Caravans
Hike Caravans
Hilltop Caravans
iDeal RV
Jawa Campers
JB Caravans
Kokoda Caravans
La Vista Caravans
Lagoon Caravan
Latitude RV Caravans
Leader Caravans
Legend Caravans
Lifestyle Campers
Long Haul Campers
Lotus Caravans
Lumberjack Camper Trailers
Lyfe RV
Malibu Caravans
Market Direct Campers (MDC)
Mars Campers
Maverick Campers
Millard Caravans
Modcon Campers
Montana Caravans
Mountain Trail RV
Network RV Caravans
New Age Caravans
New Gen Caravans
Newlands Caravans
North Coast Offroad RVs
Nova Caravans
Ocean Breeze Caravans
Offroad Hybrids
Offroad RVs
Olympic Caravans
On the Move Caravans
Opus Camper
Orca RV
Paramount Caravans
Prime Campers
Pro RV
Provincial Caravans
Red Centre Caravans
Regent Caravans
Retreat Caravans
RhinoMax Campers
Ridge Teardrop Campers
River Caravans
Roadstar Caravans
Rose RV
Royal Flair Caravans
Salute Caravans
Seascape Caravans
Signature Camper Trailers
Snowy River Caravans
Southern Cross Camper Trailers
Star Vision
Stoney Creek Campers
Sunland Caravans
Sunseeker Caravans
Supreme Caravans
Swag Camper Trailers
Titan Caravans
Titanium Caravans
Torus RV
Track Trailer
Trailblazers RV
Urban Caravans
Vacationer Caravans
Van Cruiser
VanCruiser Caravans
Vecto Caravans
Victory Caravans
Viscount Caravans
Vision RV
Wild Boar Campers
Willow RV
Windsor Caravans
York Caravans
Zone RV

Don’t forget, you can buy the full spreadsheet for just $9.

Are you as surprised as I am at how many Australian manufacturers produce caravans with permanent bunk beds?

Are there any manufacturers of caravans with bunk beds that I’ve missed?