How to make your caravan interior feel more like home

Short of doing a full renovation of your caravan, here are a few tips that will help to make your caravan interior feel more like your home. This is especially important for those of us that live full-time in our caravan… it IS our home. Stepping into your caravan you want to feel like you’re coming home, not stepping into a tin box that is impersonal or feels clinical. On days where you’re stuck inside because it’s bucketing down, or it’s just too cold outside, you’ll be glad to have a homey and comfortable place to relax. Here are a

Camper Trailer Brands

If you’re in the fortunate position to be in the market for the best camper trailer Australia… well, I’m more than a little envious! And this post is for you. There are quite a lot of excellent quality camper trailers Australia and designed to suit this climate, terrain and the Aussie way of travelling. I thought it would be an interesting exercise to see what camper trailer brands are out there and to showcase some of the awesome designs and accessories now available. For this list I decided to just look at tent top camper trailers, both soft and hard

How to find the best vehicle to travel Australia

So you’ve decided that you want to do a big lap, but now you’re on the search to find the best vehicle to travel Australia. There are SO MANY options, that it can be confusing and frustrating trying to figure out what you need and what you don’t. So in this article I hope to help you determine which is the best vehicle FOR YOU to travel around Australia in. We’ll look at all the available options, and then the things that you’ll need to consider for your trip. Hopefully this will help you to narrow down the choices of

Road Trip Around Australia | Getting Set Up

So you’ve decided you want to road trip around Australia and you’re in the planning stages now? This is a great idea! We had the same idea, but finding the answers to the many questions I had, proved time-consuming and a little bit frustrating. Though we searched high and low, the answers were all over the place. So we decided that we wanted to help others; those that are as excited about travelling around Australia as we were, who have a seemingly insatiable desire to read everything they can about the topic, and who love planning everything that they possibly

5 tips for your caravan kitchen storage space

Being organised is the key to making sure you make the most of your caravan kitchen storage space. It’s only by being organised  that your tiny caravan kitchen doesn’t turn into a nightmare and being organised allows you to downsize and take only what you need, rather than having to take everything you think you might need. This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure for more information. Here are the 5 keys to getting your caravan kitchen organised: 1. Everything has to have a place for travel With a life on the road, everything obviously has to be stored safely

Teardrop campers for sale in Australia

If you’ve been looking for teardrop campers for sale here in Australia, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve been thinking about teardrop campers ever since we had a couple of these little campers come in to the show grounds. One turned up on a bit of a windy, blustery day, so we set about finding them a reasonably protected spot (right beside the chooky sheds, as it happened) since they needed to cook their dinner without the wind whipping out the flame on their gas cooker. This got me thinking about the pros and cons of a teardrop camper

The Best Small Camper Vans in Australia (2020 Edition)

I love looking for the best small camper vans here in Australia, and imagining what it would be like to have one and to live in it. I’d travel around Australia indefinitely, just going wherever the weather is not too hot or cold, and taking my whole house with me wherever I go. While I do love small camper vans, I do feel like it wouldn’t be great to live in it full-time as a couple. But IF I were by myself, I think one of the smallest camper vans (but still with a bathroom!) would suit me just perfectly.

Downsizing to a caravan

Are you dreaming of selling everything, buying a caravan and hitting the road; but worried about if downsizing to a caravan is even possible for you and your family? Are you left with the question of, “what do I do with all my stuff?” Downsizing from a house to a caravan can seem like a daunting task, but here’s some tips to help you in the process. It starts with decluttering To me, downsizing absolutely starts with decluttering. Since once you’ve decluttered, you’re about 90% of the way to finishing your downsizing anyway! We’ve moved country twice now, first time

How we make money in Australia while travelling in our caravan

Last year I wrote a post explaining how we make money in Australia while travelling in a caravan. I thought it might be time to give an update on how we’re funding our travels … mainly so you get a clear picture of what this lifestyle is like for us. It’s certainly not the Instagram-perfect lifestyle that others seem to be able to achieve. But that’s okay. This is our story. They say that when you write a blog you should write about the things that people want to know about the most. The question I see most often is,