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Pop top caravans Australia

Looking for a pop top caravan here in Australia?

Pop top caravans are everywhere here in Australia. And there’s good reason; they’re a great touring caravan, you have loads of options for size and layout, they are available in off road models and they have all the creature comforts of any other caravan.

In this post, as per usual, I’m only looking at NEW small pop top caravans that sleep at least two people, have a shower and toilet (wet bath is fine) and cooking facilities inside the caravan.

And for this selection, I’m only going to include pop-tops that do not have the fold-out beds (expandables / where your bed is surrounded by canvas). Just to keep things as consistent as possible.

How does a pop top caravan work?

In case you’ve never seem them before, a pop-top caravan is just like any other caravan except that the roof is lowered for travel, and then ‘popped up’ when you set up camp.

This means that the top section of the walls (approx 400-500mm) is made of canvas.

A picture explains it all:

Avan 500 Series Pop Top

For my North American friends, you may know it as a Garagable Unit (GU).

How high is a pop top caravan?

When set up, a pop top caravan is the same height as any other caravan. But with these roof down, it’s 300-500mm shorter.

This makes them an excellent choice for those people that have a garage or carport where they’re planning to store their caravan. A pop top means that it’s more likely to fit in the space.

Are pop top caravans good?


Why are they good?

Well, I’ve mentioned the fact that being able to lower the roof when not in use means that you can store the caravan in carport or garage.

The lower height profile is also good while travelling as there is less wind resistance.

Some cons about the pop top?

In windy weather, the canvas can flap a bit. It’s not as bad as sleeping in a tent, but it can flap a bit.

And in cold weather, you don’t have insulated walls protecting the top section of your space. You can get insulated canvas for some pop-tops though.

And storage space. You lose a fair bit of storage space as your overhead cabinets can not be as big, nor your caravan wardrobe as tall.

What is the best pop top caravan to buy?

Ahh, the $50k question!

I’ve tried to look up the prices for each of these pop tops, but they’re really hard to find at the moment (could have something to do with this worldwide pandemic and how tough the caravanning industry is doing at the moment.).

So I highly recommend that you have a look at what brands you like, and then reach out to your local dealer for more information and prices.

Pop top caravans in Australia

Before we get to the selection of caravans in this post, I wanted to let you know about this spreadsheet that I’ve put together.

I have scoured the internet and found all the pop top caravans that I possibly could.

And I’ve managed to find over 50 caravan manufacturers with more than 250 different models of pop top caravans!

I’ve listed all 50+ of the manufacturers at the end of this post, if you just want to see who they are.

All 250+ pop top caravans on a spreadsheet

However, if you want to see all 250 different models, we’ve made available a spreadsheet where I’ve painstakingly gone through every manufacturer’s website and listed every model of theirs that is a pop top.

I’ve included the Make, Model, Length, Width, Height, Weights, Number of people it sleeps, whether it has a bathroom or not, the battery set-up, aircon, tow hitch and Base Price; and the URL so you can go and check it out for yourself.

Graphic showing a pop top caravan with the title, Pop top caravans Australia.

Click here to buy the Pop Top Caravans spreadsheet.

8 awesome pop top caravans

Okay, let’s take a look at some of the best pop top caravans to buy here in Australia. These one’s all have a bathroom.

In no particular order:

Jayco pop top caravans

As you would expect, Jayco have a huge range of caravans, and a fairly large range of pop tops. You can see all the Jayco pop tops here.

The one that’s featured below, is their 16ft Jayco journey.

Jayco Journey pop top caravan
Jayco Journey pop top caravan
Jayco Journey pop top caravan

New Age pop top caravans

I’ve previously written about the New Age Gecko, cos I think it’s a perfect caravan for a couple.

But for this list I’m going to feature the Manta Ray Pop Top. It’s got everything I could need!

New Age Manta Ray pop top caravan
New Age Manta Ray pop top caravan
New Age Manta Ray pop top caravan

Paramount Caravans – Mini Micro Pop Top

Gosh, I love this little number! This pop top is compact and light, but still includes everything that I would want in a caravan.

Paramount Caravans Mini Micro pop top
Paramount Caravans Mini Micro pop top
Paramount Caravans Mini Micro pop top

Avan 500 Series Pop Top

Avan is well known for its compact caravan range, so it’s no surprise to find their pop-top caravan range includes 3 models, with lots of different layouts and lengths.

This one below is from the 500 Series, includes a full ensuite and has the same layout as you’ll find on loads of other caravans. But with the advantage of being a pop top.

Avan 500 Series Pop Top
Avan 500 Series Pop Top
Avan 500 Series Pop Top

Goldstream RV 1400 Explorer Series

These compact little Explorer pop top caravans give you only what you ‘need’ and fit it into the smallest footprint possible.

Goldstream RV 1400 Explorer Series
Goldstream RV 1400 Explorer Series

Coronet RV STR Series

Coronet RV do something that I haven’t seen others do… they have their standard caravan models and layouts, and they just offer it as a pop top if you wish. They don’t do it for all their models (especially the larger rigs), but it does appear to be most of them.

Coronet RV STR Series
Coronet RV STR Series
Coronet RV STR Series

Golf Savannah Range of pop tops

Golf and Avan made by the same people (or something like that, they appear to be the same layouts and pictures but just with a different brand name. However, I did want to include them both, and below is the very cute little Golf Savannah.

Golf Savannah
Golf Savannah
Golf Savannah

Olympic Triathlete

The Olympic caravans don’t seem to be too prolific, which makes finding information about them online, a little bit difficult. If you love these little pop tops, head over to their website and get more information (including where to find your nearest dealer) directly from them.

Olympic Triathlete
Olympic Triathlete

Looking for other ‘small’ RV options?

If you’re not sure if a pop top caravan is the right option for you, why not check out the other RV types that we’ve written about:

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50 Pop Top Caravan Manufacturers in Australia

This list is all the caravan manufacturers in Australia (that I could find) that have pop top caravans in their range.

MakeManufacturers URL
Altitude Campers
Alto Caravans
Austrak Campers
Australian Off Road (AOR)
Black Series
Blue Tongue Campers
Bushranger Campers
Capstone Caravans
Complete Campsite
Conqueror Australia
Eagle Camper Trailers
Eco Tourer
Emu Campers
EzyTrail Campers
Fantasy Caravan
Far Horizon Campers
Goldstream RV
Golf Caravans
Jawa Campers
Kimberley Kampers
Lifestyle Campers
Lumberjack Camper Trailers
Malibu Caravans
Market Direct Campers (MDC)
Mars Campers
Maverick Campers
Millard Caravans
Modcon Campers
North Coast Offroad RVs
Offroad Hybrids
Opus Camper
Orca RV
Paramount Caravans
Prime Campers
RhinoMax Campers
Signature Camper Trailers
Simplicity Campers
Southern Cross Camper Trailers
Star Vision
Stoney Creek Campers
Swag Camper Trailers
Track Trailer
Trailblazers RV
Urban Caravans
Vanglass RV
Vision RV
Vista RV

Buy the Off Road Caravans spreadsheet

Don’t forget, if you want to be able to sort through the full list of Australian pop top caravans, we have them on a spreadsheet, available for just $9. Just click the image below:

Graphic showing a pop top caravan with the title, Pop top caravans Australia.


Saturday 3rd of October 2020

Hi, thanks for your article. We're looking at a pop top caravan but are fairly limited for size as we need to be able to store it in a garage (we live in a townhouse complex). Do you know of any vans that would come in under 2m travel height and 5m travel length? The height seems to be our problem. We were looking at the option of a folding draw bar to help with the length.


Sunday 4th of October 2020

Hi Tracey, Hmmmn... I think you're right, height is going to be the challenge. A camper trailer might be your best (only) option?

Seamus O’Sullivan

Thursday 20th of August 2020

Hello Ben & Michelle, Thanks for your article above, we currently own a Goldstream Storm & are considering changing this over to a pop top as we reaching retirement age. We do intend to continue off roading however in an endeavour to maximise space are you aware of any off road pop tops that incorporate a slide out bed on the side of the van. Thanks in advance.


Monday 23rd of November 2020

Emu campers -expedition model.


Friday 21st of August 2020

Hi Seamus, The first one that pops into my head is the hybrid from MDC. It's a small off-road pop-top where the bed slides out the back of the van. You can have a look at them here:

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