Caravan Bunk Beds | Caravan Renovation Series

I’ve been quite surprised by the number of caravan bunk beds I’ve seen in all these caravan renovations that I follow. It’s become obvious to me that renovating an older caravan appeals to families. An old caravan can be bought for pretty cheap, do it up as you have time and money, and fit it out in whatever way suits your family the best. And that often involves installing caravan bunks. So if you’re planning on putting bunk beds into your caravan renovation, I’ve compiled a big selection of renovated caravans and their bunk beds. I’ve included as much detail

Caravan Sinks & Taps | Caravan Renovation Series

In all of my caravan renovation searching, one aspect that had never really occurred to me before was just how much difference the caravan sink/taps could make to the overall appeal of a caravan. I’m very much a practical girl, and I’d slap in a plain ole stainless steel sink and whichever tap fit, and call it a day. Now that I’ve seen so many caravan makeovers, I’ve finally realised that one of the main features that determines how much I like a van or not, is the caravan kitchen sink and tap. Of course it makes sense now, when

Pop-top caravan renovations

In this post we’re going to be looking at pop top caravan renovations so that we can see if any special considerations need to be made for the pop-top aspect. Heads up: this is a loooong post with lots of pop top caravan renovations for you to be inspired by. So if you were thinking about going and making a cuppa but thought you’d skim through this article first… you may wanna go turn the kettle on now. There’s plenty for you to look through, so you may want to make your cuppa and get comfy. This post contains affiliate

Caravan Kitchen Renovations | Caravan Renovation Series

Okay folks, we’re gonna delve into the world of caravan kitchen renovations. If you haven’t already seen, we’re doing a Caravan Renovation Series over the next few months. We’re putting together a big list of all the caravan renovations we can find in Australia and New Zealand, to give you ideas and inspiration. And because we LOVE looking at them! This is what we’ll be covering: Caravan Renovations by type/brand Millard Viscount Pop-tops Fibreglass caravans Caravan renovation interiors Bed Bunks Kitchen (this post) Dining/lounge Bathroom Caravan Renovations – exterior Vintage Caravan Renovations Oh gosh… we’ve got a loooong way to

Viscount Caravan Renovations | Caravan Renovation Series

As we continue our series on caravan renovations here in Australia (and any I can find in NZ) we are having a look at probably the most popular / prolific of the older Australian caravans… the Viscount. With so many of them around, chances are good that you’re looking for some inspiration for your own Viscount caravan makeover.  If so, you’re in the right place! If you’ve got a Millard and particularly want to check out DIY reno’s that have been completed on the Millard brand, then head on over to our post: Millard Caravans | Caravan Renovation Series. Viscount

Millard Caravan Renovations | Caravan Renovation Series

We’re going overseas for the Australian summer (yes, this Kiwi really can’t hack the hot weather) and when we get back in March, I’d really like to get our 40 year old Millard caravan renovations underway. I have no idea how we’re going to do that, considering our caravan is our current full-time home. Nonetheless, I’d like to renovate her. So with that in mind, I’m on a caravan renovations research mission. I’m going to be researching all the caravan renovations I can find here in Australia, and in New Zealand, and organising them into a series of posts which

DIY Caravan Renovations | More Aussie Gems

I don’t know about you guys, but I spend way too much time scrolling through Instagram looking at DIY caravan renovations. I mean, waaaay too much time. I love looking at how these talented DIYer’s take a very tired, usually brown, and often water damaged caravan (I can only imagine what they smell like!) and transform it into something that is luxurious, light, comfortable and my all time favourite feature:practical. New holiday homes-on-wheels are being envisioned, created and then enjoyed, all over the country. Some are expensive builds, with high end building products, appliances, add-ons and decor. But many, are

DIY Caravan Makeovers

Before we got our caravan, I had all these aspirations of doing our own little DIY caravan makeover and really making it a home on wheels. As it turned out, we only had 2 weeks from when we picked up the caravan to when we moved into it. So she only got a couple of coats of paint and some new curtains. But I did find it pretty hard to find examples of others who had done caravan renovations either here or in NZ. I wanted to see others that were caravans like ours, not the huge fifth wheelers and

Caravan Renovations

Did I tell you that Ben and I have stopped in Dubbo for a while? We’ve decided that we’ll stay here for a couple of months, find some work, some accomodation and buffer up the kitty a little bit. Speaking of work… we’ve just bought a drone! Ben’s learning to fly it, and with the help of our good friend (a videographer) we’ll get a couple of jobs to get us started and see what we can pick up. This was literally our first photo: Yep. :-O So aaaanyway… the reason we want to stop is so that we can