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Michelle is the half of the duo that is planning everything to the n'th degree, making sure that we're on budget and waving excitedly to any, and all, animals.

The Decision to Go - sometimes you need to be brave to make the decision to go. Other times it's just that you need to figure out all the logistics before feeling confident that you're making the right choice.

The Decision to Go

We’ve wanted to do this trip for aaages. I remember, before we were married, sitting at the beach in Cronulla talking about the things that we wanted to do in our lives. We were both so excited about the idea of one day, going on a big trip around Australia. We didn’t know if it …

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Portable Fridges

Portable fridges has been one of those topics that I knew I needed to know about, but I wasn’t exactly keen on researching and spending time figuring out the nitty gritty of it all. How do portable fridges work, what do you need to do differently compared to your house refrigerator, what do I need …

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About Us

Hey! We’re Ben and Michelle and welcome to our website. On we share about our journey around Australia, how we came to do this trip, all the planning involved, and snapshots of what life on the road is like. Since you’re on this page though, you obviously want to know a little bit about …

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