Hitting the Road

Ben & Michelle's Road Trip Around Australia - Fingal Head - July 2017

We’ve settled ourselves into Fingal Holiday Park for a couple of days and trying (emphasis on the word ‘trying’) to … Read more

What Are We Afraid Of?

What are we afraid of? Ben and Michelle Road Trip Around Australia - there's only so much that you can plan for, so you do the best that you can and you've just gotta let the rest go.

There is no doubt that I’m totally, utterly, overwhelmingly excited about this trip. And not just excited for the trip, … Read more

Self-Sufficient Camping

Self-Sufficient Camping in Australia - I know that there are going to be places where the 'facilities' are either lacking or totally non-existent. We want to be prepared to be able to stop anywhere that we're allowed and that takes our fancy... whether there's a loo there or not.

Self-sufficient camping – that’s when you don’t need anything else that a house, or caravan park would normally provide. You’re … Read more

The Money Post

The Money Post - we've decided we'll be really upfront about what it's costing us to spend six months travelling around Australia, in the hope that it will help others to do the same.

This is the post where we talk about money. I’m not gonna lie, it’s an uncomfortable topic because, well, I … Read more

Our Ideal Set-up

Our Idea Set Up - we listed out all the features that we would like to have and then rated how much of a priority they are to us.

In a previous post I talked all about the different set ups that you could have when doing a trip … Read more