The Money Post

This is the post where we talk about money. I’m not gonna lie, it’s an uncomfortable topic because, well, I don’t want to be judged for how much money I do or don’t have. But there were a couple of people online that shared their numbers for travelling around Australia, and it gave me a really good idea of whether I was on the right track or not. So in the spirit of helpfulness (?) I’m gonna show you what our budget looks like. Our New Zealand departure date is scheduled for around mid-August and we’re giving ourselves about two

Our Ideal Set-up

In a previous post I talked all about the different set ups that you could have when doing a trip like this, from a motorhome right through to a car with a tent in the boot. It’s all part of the research, figuring out what you need and then what you want… and then what you can afford. So we’ve been through that process… over and over (and over) again. We think we’ve narrowed down what we want… we’re now at the ‘what can we afford stage’. Here’s the low-down: What’s our ideal set-up? We’ve decided to go with the

Choosing the Right Set-Up

I feel the need to start every one of these ‘Choosing the right set up’ posts with a disclaimer: I wouldn’t have a clue what’s the right vehicle or camper or power system or fridge or anything! I have had no idea, that’s why I’ve needed to research the heck out of these things, so that I could have at least a modicum of a clue as to what we would need to consider. If you’re trying to decide whether you’re going to travel in an 8m Toyota Coaster Motorhome with full kitchen and bath, a Landcruiser Prado with all

The Decision to Go

We’ve wanted to do this trip for aaages. I remember, before we were married, sitting at the beach in Cronulla talking about the things that we wanted to do in our lives. We were both so excited about the idea of one day, going on a big trip around Australia. We didn’t know if it would be in a big motorhome, on motorbikes with tents, or a beat-up old station wagon; and we didn’t much care. We just knew that the dream was to be able to curl up in a cozy bed with the sound of the waves crashing

Portable Fridges

Portable fridges has been one of those topics that I knew I needed to know about, but I wasn’t exactly keen on researching and spending time figuring out the nitty gritty of it all. How do portable fridges work, what do you need to do differently compared to your house refrigerator, what do I need to be careful about etc etc. I didn’t want to be bamboozled by a salesman nor did I want to have to do all my research once we got to Australia, so I’ve prepped myself by learning all I can beforehand. Now I realise that

The Basics of Battery Power for Camping

I have been putting off writing about the basics of battery power for camping for a couple of weeks now, it’s a subject that I know I need to know about… but it’s been quite confusing and I’m not sure I have the whole picture. Actually I know I don’t have the whole picture yet because I’m still confused and I don’t know what I need! If you’re like me and your brain starts to hurt whenever you start reading things like ‘deep cycle battery’, ‘inverter’, ‘anderson plug’, ‘amp hours’ or ‘watt meter’, then hopefully this post is helpful to you.

About Us

Hey! We’re Ben and Michelle and welcome to our website. On we share about our journey around Australia, how we came to do this trip, all the planning involved, and snapshots of what life on the road is like. Since you’re on this page though, you obviously want to know a little bit about us. So here goes… Well, I was born in…. heehee, nah just kidding! We won’t go back THAT far. Michelle is a Kiwi, having grown up in Auckland she flew the nest and did her two years of the Big OE visiting the USA, Europe