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Best off road caravans Australia – 2024 update

Best off road caravans Australia with a bathroom

Some of the most beautiful places around Australia, can only be reached at the end of a long, dusty and very bumpy road… and that’s if there’s even a road at all!

And it’s for places like this that an off road caravan becomes very appealing.

The best off road caravans in Australia are robust, well made with high quality workmanship and attention to detail, high(er) ground clearance, articulating coupling and large departure angle.

And once your get to you campsite they are comfortable, warm (or cool) with many ammenities like a well equipped kitchen, space to relax and a full bathroom.

It’s a great way to travel and see more of Australia, but still have all the comforts, conveniences and luxuries of home.

If you’re looking for an off road caravan Australia, we’ve hunted the internet for some of the best off road caravans in Australia.

Just be aware that all manufacturers classify their caravans differently and there is no set rules for what makes a caravan ‘off-road’ or not.

But here is what we think is the minimum criteria for being able to call it an off road caravan. 

What makes a caravan an off road caravan

We’ve written about what makes a off road caravan different from a ‘regular’ caravan, and it’s three core things:

1. Higher ground clearance

Along with the higher ground clearance, a large rear departure angle is also necessary to avoid scraping the back end on uneven terrain.

2. Off road caravan suspension

The best off road caravan suspension is an airbag suspension system; this uses a pressurised rubber bag to absorb the caravans load. 

At the very least you should have an independent suspension system using coil springs with trailing arms and shock absorbers.

It’s really important to have a suspension system that is designed to perform over hundreds of kilometres of rough terrain or corrugations.

3. Durability

The chassis needs to be robust enough to withstand rough tracks and hours over washboard roads; it also requires some ‘armour’ on the outside like checkerplate to prevents damage from rocks, stones, branches etc.
On the inside, the cabinetry should be well made you using quality fittings, glue, screws etc, with attention to details that will ensure they don’t fall out after being shaken about for a couple of hours on the road.

Factors to keep in mind when towing an off road caravan

Weight – since off road caravans are built more robust, they are going to be heavier than a regular touring or road caravan of the same size. You need to ensure that you have a tow vehicle that is correctly rated for the van you intend it to pull.

Off Road Caravans in Australia

I have scoured the internet and found all the off road caravans that I possibly could.

And I’ve managed to find 146 caravan manufacturers with almost 1,500 different models of off road caravans!

I’ve listed all 146 of the manufacturers at the end of this post, if you just want to see who they are.

All 1500 off road caravans on a spreadsheet

However, if you want to see all 1500 different models, we’ve made available a spreadsheet where I’ve painstakingly gone through every manufacturer’s website and listed every model of theirs that they have defined as an off road caravan.

I’ve included the Make, Model, Length, Width, Height, Weights, Number of people it sleeps, whether it has a bathroom or not, the battery set-up, aircon, tow hitch and Base Price; and the URL so you can go and check it out for yourself.

Click here to buy the Off Road Caravans spreadsheet.

Hybrid Off Road Caravans

A hybrid caravan is generally smaller and lighter than an off-road caravan with the kitchen usually outside; and if there is a bathroom it will either be a small wet bath inside or an ensuite tent on the outside. Check out our post on Hybrid Caravans if this is more what you’re after.

15 Australian off road caravans, with a bathroom

If you just want to see a selection of some of the off road caravans available in Australia, here are 15 that I think would be great for any Aussie adventure. (And if you’re looking for an off-road caravan with an ensuite, all the campers on this list do include an internal bathroom).

Where I’ve been able to find the specifications, I’ve included the dimensions and weights for each caravan. Only use these as a guide, as every manufacturer measures differently and may not include options that may be added later.

Provincial Liberty

The Provincial range of off road caravans has only just come across my radar, so we’ll start here.

There are 3 caravans in their range, the Liberty and Senator are geared toward couple travellers, while the Estate accommodates families with their triple bunk beds.

Exterior of the Liberty off road caravan by Provincial Caravans.
Provincial Liberty
Interior view of the Provincial Liberty off road caravan showing the bedroom, dining and kitchen.
Provincial Liberty
Floor plan illustration of the Provincial Liberty off road caravan.
Provincial Liberty

Length: 8850mm 
Width: 2350mm
Height: 3100mm
Tare: 2700-2750kg
ATM: 3500kg
Sleeps: 2-3

AOR Quantum FH

Australian Off Road (AOR) have a number of off road caravans and campers in their range. The Quauntum FH fits everything you need into just 14′, and it comes with either a queen size bed or two singles.

Side view of an Australian off road caravan.
AOR Quantum FH
AOR Quantum FH
Floor plan of the AOR Quantum FH off road caravan.
AOR Quantum FH

Length: 6400mm 
Width: 1950mm
Height: 2840mm
Tare: 1840kg
ATM: 2500kg
Sleeps: 2

Trakmaster Pilbara S series

At the time of writing this (Dec 2023), Trakmaster have been doing a big update of their range on their website. The Pilbara S series is being replaced by a new model soon… so watch this space!

Trakmaster Pilbara S series off road caravan.
Trakmaster Pilbara S series
Interior view of the Trakmaster Pilbara S series off road caravan showing the queen size island bed.
Trakmaster Pilbara S series
Floor plan of the Trakmaster Pilbara S series off road caravan.
Trakmaster Pilbara S series

Length: 5100mm – also comes in 5.6m and 5.9m lengths
Width: 2286mm
Sleeps: 2

Sunland Blue Heeler

Sunland Blue Heeler off-road caravan.
Sunland Blue Heeler
Interior view of the Sunland Blue Heeler 19'6 off road caravan showing the queen island bed.
Sunland Blue Heeler
Sunland Blue Heeler 19'6 off roac caravan floor plan.
Sunland Blue Heeler

Length: 5600mm – also in 5.9m & 6.2m lengths
Tare: 2250kg
ATM: 3500kg
Sleeps: 2
Price: $139,990

Kedron CP5 Compact

Kedron CP5 Compact off road caravan parked in a bush setting.
Kedron CP5 Compact
Interior view of the Kedron CP5 Compact off road caravan showing the kitchen and dining area.
Kedron CP5 Compact

Length: 4870mm 
Sleeps: 2

Rhinomax Lost Trak

The Lost Trak by Rhinomax comes in either a single axle 16ft version, or a dual axle 18.5ft version. Both have options for bunk layouts.

Exterior view of the Rhino Max Lost Track 18.5ft hybrid off road  caravan.
Rhinomax Lost Trak 18.5ft
Interior view of the Rhino Max Lost Track 18.5ft hybrid off road caravan.
Rhinomax Lost Trak 18.5ft

Length: 7300mm 
Width: 2100mm
Height: 2880mm
Tare: 2490kg
ATM: 3500kg
Sleeps: up to 5, with bunk options available

Crusader XCountry Trailbreaker

Crusader XCountry Trailbraker off road caravan.
Crusader XCountry Trailbreaker
Interior view of the Crusader XCountry Trailbreaker off road caravan showing the island bed and dining area.
Crusader XCountry Trailbreaker
Floorplan of a Crusader XCountry Trailbraker off road caravan.
Crusader XCountry Trailbreaker

Travel length: 8156mm
Tare: 2460kg
ATM: 3200kg
Sleeps: 2

Ezytrail Ceduna 13 MK3 Twin

Exterior side view of the Ezytrail Ceduna MK3 Twin off road single axle caravan.
Ezytrail Ceduna MK3 Twin
Interior view of the Ezytrail Ceduna MK3 Twin off road caravan showing the rear end of the caravan.
Ezytrail Ceduna MK3 Twin
3D floor plan of the Ezytrail Ceduna MK3 Twin caravan.
Ezytrail Ceduna MK3 Twin

Length: 6055mm 
Width: 2230mm
Height: 3040mm
Tare: 2380kg
ATM: 2900kg
Sleeps: 2

JB Caravans Gator

Gator off road caravan by JB Caravans.
JB Caravans – Gator
Floorplan of the Gator off road caravan by JB Caravans.
JB Caravans – Gator

Length: 6900mm 
Width: 2480mm
Height: 3000mm
Sleeps: 2
Price from: $105,600

Lotus Freelander

The Freelander comes in 11 layouts ranging in size from 17’ to 22’6.

Grey Lotus Freelander off road caravan.
Lotus Freelander
Floor plan of the Lotus Freelander 17' offroad caravan.
Lotus Freelander

Length: 5180-6860mm 
Width: 2500mm
Height: 3220mm
Sleeps: 2


Exterior view of the MDC XT12HR off road caravan.
Interior view of the MDC XT12HR off road caravan.
Floor plan of the MDC XT12HR off road caravan.

Length: 5543mm 
Width: 2293mm
Height: 3028mm
Tare: 1785kg
ATM: 3000kg
Sleeps: 2
Price from: $49,990

Royal Flair Razor XT

The Razor XT by Royal Flair Caravans comes in a variety of sizes and layouts; but I really like the one below that has an electric drop down bed over the club lounge.

Exterior of the single axle Royal Flair Raxor XT off road caravan.
Royal Flair Raxor XT
Interior of the Royal Flair Raxor XT caravan showing the drop down bed above the club lounge.
Royal Flair Raxor XT
Royal Flair Raxor XT off road caravan floor plan.
Royal Flair Raxor XT

Length: 4420mm 
Width: 2285mm
Height: 3070mm
Tare: 2235kg
ATM: 2735kg
Sleeps: 2

Mountain Trail LXV 4.7

Promo pic of the Mountain Trail LXV 4.7 off road caravan.
Mountain Trail LXV 4.7
Interior view of the Mountain Trail LXV 4.7 showing the north/south bed.
Mountain Trail LXV 4.7
Mountain Trail LXV 4.7

Length: 6310mm 
Width: 2090mm
Height: 2800mm
Tare: 1900kg
ATM: 2800kg
Sleeps: 2

ExploreX 4.9m Bush Rat

ExploreX 4.9m Bush Rat off road caravan.
ExploreX 4.9m Bush Rat
Interior of the ExploreX 4.9m Bush Rat off road caravan.
ExploreX 4.9m Bush Rat
ExploreX 4.9m Bush Rat off road caravan layout.
ExploreX 4.9m Bush Rat

Length: 4900mm 
Sleeps: 2

Masterpiece Caravans XTM

Outside view of the Masterpiece Caravans XTM offroad caravan.
Masterpiece Caravans XTM
Interior of the Masterpiece Caravans XTM.
Masterpiece Caravans XTM off road caravan floor plan.
Masterpiece Caravans XTM

Length: 7075mm 
Width: 2495mm
Height: 3050mm
Tare: 2180 kg
ATM: 2800 kg
Sleeps: 2

146 Off Road Caravan Manufacturers in Australia

This list is all the caravan manufacturers in Australia (that I could find) that have off road caravans in their range.

Some of them are 100% manufactured in Australia, some have components manufactured overseas and put together here in Australia, and some are completely manufactured overseas.

ACD – Boundless
ACD – Monument
Alpine Campers
Altitude Campers
Atlantic Caravans
Aussie Fivestar Caravans
Aussie Wide Caravans
Austar Toy Hauler
Austrak Campers
Australian Off Road (AOR)
Blue Tongue Campers
Blue Water Campers
Boss Adventure
BRS Offroad
Bushmaster Off-Road Caravans
Capstone Caravans
Carrera Caravans
Cedar Caravans
Complete Campsite
Concept Caravans
Condor Caravans
Conqueror Australia
Coronet RV
Crusader Caravans
Cub Campers
Design RV
Domain Caravans
Eagle Camper Trailers
Eco Tourer
Eden Caravans
Elite Caravans
Elross Caravans
Emu Campers
Essential Caravans
Everest Caravans
Evernew Caravans
Evolution Caravans
EzyTrail Campers
Fantasy Caravan
Far Horizon Campers
Fortitude Caravans
Franklin Caravans
Goldstar RV
Goldstream RV
Grand Salute Caravans
Great Aussie Caravans
Hike Caravans
Hilltop Caravans
iDeal RV
Jawa Campers
JB Caravans
Johnnos Campers
Kimberley Kampers
Kokoda Caravans
La Vista Caravans
Latitude RV Caravans
Leader Caravans
Legend Caravans
Lifestyle Campers
Long Haul Campers
Longhaul Campers
Lotus Caravans
Lumberjack Camper Trailers
Lyfe RV
Malibu Caravans
Market Direct Campers (MDC)
Mars Campers
Masterpiece Caravans
Maverick Campers
Millard Caravans
Mobi Nomad
Modcon Campers
Montana Caravans
Mountain Trail RV
Network RV Caravans
New Age Caravans
New Gen Caravans
North Coast Offroad RVs
Nova Caravans
Offroad Hybrids
Offroad RVs
Olympic Caravans
On the Move Caravans
Opal Caravans
Option RV
Opus Camper
Orca RV
Paramount Caravans
Pioneer Campers
Prime Campers
Provincial Caravans
Red Centre Caravans
Retreat Caravans
RhinoMax Campers
River Caravans
Roadstar Caravans
Roma Caravans
Royal Flair Caravans
Salute Caravans
Seascape Caravans
Signature Camper Trailers
Silversun Caravans
Simplicity Campers
Snowy River Caravans
Southern Cross Camper Trailers
Star Vision
Stoney Creek Campers
Sunland Caravans
Sunseeker Caravans
Supreme Caravans
Swag Camper Trailers
The Little Caravan Company
Titan Caravans
Titanium Caravans
Torus RV
Track Trailer
Trailblazers RV
Urban Caravans
Vacationer Caravans
Van Cruiser
VanCruiser Caravans
Vanglass RV
Victory Caravans
Viscount Caravans
Vision RV
Vista RV
Wallaroo Caravans
Wild Boar Campers
Willow RV
Wonderland RV
York Caravans
Zone RV

Buy the Off Road Caravans spreadsheet

I hope you found this article on off road caravans useful.

Don’t forget, if you want to be able to sort through the full list of off road caravans, we have them on a spreadsheet, available for just $15.


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Hithere, I will b traveling around Australia this year with my son. Looking for an off-road van with two king single beds & ensuite.Is there such a van available? Also would want independent air-bag suspension. Thanks Paul.

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