The Pros and Cons of our Set-Up

In this previous post: Our Ideal Set-Up, I waxed lyrical about our ideal set-up being a 4WD towing a camper trailer, along with all the additional bits and pieces that we believed would make life more comfortable for us. Well, here we are one month into our trip and some may wonder if this is still the ideal set-up for us? In this post I’ll go into the pros and cons of our set-up, covering all those things that we had no idea about prior to starting this trip. Vehicle We have 2005 Hyundai Terracan CRDi 4×4, purchased for $8k

Trying Our Hand at Free Camping

Things are heating up around here… literally. For the first time tonight we needed to keep some of the tent flaps open so that we could get some breeze flowing through the tent. It would be too easy to start whinging about hot it is, but I still haven’t got the cold chill of a New Zealand winter out of my bones, so I’m loving the weather. And hearing reports of my friends and family still freezing their buns off back home, makes me grateful all over again. This blog post covers 31st July to 6th August, from Gladstone to

Still Trying to Sort Stuff Out

Gladstone is hardly a tourist mecca, I’m not sure it’s even much of a passing through town either as it’s off the main highway. But you know what, it’s been perfect for us. After the campsite from hell, it was a joy to turn up to Gladstone and find this gem of a campground … but I’m getting ahead of myself. This blog post covers 24th July to 30th July, from Fingal Head NSW to Gladstone QLD. After four lovely days at Fingal Head, we packed up camp (I can’t say we did it much quicker this time either) and

Hitting the Road

We’ve settled ourselves into Fingal Holiday Park for a couple of days and trying (emphasis on the word ‘trying’) to get caught up on the blog while still trying to solve a couple of set-up problems we’ve had. It’s seems a bit hard to believe we’ve been in Australia almost three weeks now and are well and truly into our journey. This blog post covers 4th July – 23rd July, from Sydney NSW to Fingal Head, NSW. We only spent about five days in Sydney and, believe it or not, we managed to buy our vehicle (Hyundai Terracan) and camper

Buying a Used 4WD & Camper Trailer (Part 2) – What We Learnt

We left New Zealand less than three weeks ago… and it’s kinda overwhelming thinking about how much we’ve learnt in three short, but jam-packed weeks. Our plan for this blog has always been for it to be helpful to others that want to do a similar type of trip. Well, we’ve got plenty of learnings about buying a car and camper trailer that we can share with you. (FYI – if you’re not planning on doing a trip like this but are just interested in what Ben and I are up to, this post will be painfully boring for you!

Buying a Used 4WD & Camper Trailer (Part 1) – When You Live Outside Australia

I don’t know if this is the right way to do things, but it’s the way that we’re doing it. As you know, we live in New Zealand and we’re going to be buying a used 4WD and camper trailer when we arrive in Sydney on the 4th July. (One more week, yay!!! Oh hang on, only one week?!? Sheeeeet!!!!) So is it really that disadvantageous that we’re not in Australia while we go through the process of looking for a vehicle? I don’t think so. I don’t think the process is too dissimilar to what you would do when

What Are We Afraid Of?

There is no doubt that I’m totally, utterly, overwhelmingly excited about this trip. And not just excited for the trip, but also very excited about not having to go to work for six months! But there is also, mixed in with all the excitement, a measure of fear; maybe it’s better described as anxiousness or trepidation. We think we know what we’re getting into, but we’re not really sure. I mean, the longest we’ve ever camped together is about a week. :-O I’ve been on a camping safari in Africa for three months, but that was when I was in

Self-Sufficient Camping

Self-sufficient camping – that’s when you don’t need anything else that a house, or caravan park would normally provide. You’re able to provide all of those things yourself. I’m talking about the basics like: food, water, shelter, warmth and going to the loo, and let’s not forget about the disposal of all the waste we create; rubbish, waste water and human waste. Our intention is to be able do self-sufficient camping as often as possible. We have two reasons for this; 1) it’s generally cheaper, because you’re able to take advantage of free or cheap camping that doesn’t provide any

When Plans Change (And What The Plan is Anyway)

It happens, huh. Plans change, people change their minds, finances change, jobs change. There’s always change. With what we have planned (or more correctly, not planned) for this trip, I think we’re going to have to get used to plans changing. All. The. Time. So what’s changed about our plans, you ask? Well, instead of leaving mid-August, we’re now leaving beginning of July. What the?!?! Our three month runway of saving and preparing has just been cut in half to six weeks. And we’re so excited! We’ve had a re-structure at my job, and while it hasn’t affected my role