Caravan Renovations

Did I tell you that Ben and I have stopped in Dubbo for a while? We’ve decided that we’ll stay here for a couple of months, find some work, some accomodation and buffer up the kitty a little bit. Speaking of work… we’ve just bought a drone! Ben’s learning to fly it, and with the help of our good friend (a videographer) we’ll get a couple of jobs to get

Our Home In The Forest

In my last update to our travel journal I mentioned that we were slowing down… well we didn’t slow down… we stopped. For four weeks! And it was bliss. This blog post covers 2nd to 29th October, from Adelaide SA to Wentworth NSW. (Yep, doing the whole four weeks in one post… cos we did so much of nothing.) We were stoked with our cheap campsite at Mt Crawford Forest

Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

Have you got on the Instagram bandwagon yet? We only just got into it lately, and while we’re not in the habit of posting regularly yet, following others has been one of the best things! Ahhh, except that it’s also an excuse to spend too much time gawking at other peoples adventures and wishing we were as cool and adventurous as them. And wishing we could take photos as amazing

Why We Didn’t Free Camp Sooner

In my last post about our budget blow out, I mentioned how we could have saved so much money if we’d free (or cheap) camped a lot more than we did. So why didn’t we free camp sooner? Well, there are a few reasons, some of which are valid and some of which are more excuses than reasons. But whether they’re reasons or excuses, they still held us back from

Caravans for Couples

When it comes to purchasing a caravan, we’re in the “tell him he’s dreaming” stage at the moment. And while we’re in that stage, the world of caravans is totally open to us, and nothing is off limits! But finding ‘the perfect’ caravan for us is a little bit harder than I had thought. Yes, I’ve written about a fantastic little caravan that I think would be perfect for us,

How to Blow Your Budget on a Road Trip Around Australia

‘How to Blow Your Budget on a Road Trip Around Australia’… now there’s a title I didn’t ever want to be writing. I really would rather write a post on ‘How to Spend the Millions Left to You as an Inheritance by a Long Lost Great Uncle’. But alas, my knowledge base is firmly in the ‘how to blow your budget’ camp, so that’s what we’ve got. I’ll show you how

The Big Week … incl Big Car Trouble

We were really enjoying Alice Springs and being able to stay in a cheap, powered campsite ($25 per night). There were lots of things that we were going to do in Alice Springs, like go out to Desert Park and the MacDonnell ranges. But as the weather app forecast a bit of a heat wave later in the week, we thought we’d take the opportunity to keep on moving. This

The Great Escape – Running Away from Darwin

Escaping the heat is proving to be a little bit trickier than we had anticipated. Even though we drove for hours and hours (and hours), over hundreds and hundreds of kilometres, 1,501kms to be exact … it’s still so hot! This blog post covers 11th to 17th September, from Darwin to Alice Springs, NT. Darwin is hot. I mean, uncomfortably hot. We had no shade at our camp site and