How to Blow Your Budget on a Road Trip Around Australia

‘How to Blow Your Budget on a Road Trip Around Australia’… now there’s a title I didn’t ever want to be writing. I really would rather write a post on ‘How to Spend the Millions Left to You as an Inheritance by a Long Lost Great Uncle’. But alas, my knowledge base is firmly in the ‘how to blow your budget’ camp, so that’s what we’ve got. I’ll show you how

The Big Week … incl Big Car Trouble

We were really enjoying Alice Springs and being able to stay in a cheap, powered campsite ($25 per night). There were lots of things that we were going to do in Alice Springs, like go out to Desert Park and the MacDonnell ranges. But as the weather app forecast a bit of a heat wave later in the week, we thought we’d take the opportunity to keep on moving. This

The Great Escape – Running Away from Darwin

Escaping the heat is proving to be a little bit trickier than we had anticipated. Even though we drove for hours and hours (and hours), over hundreds and hundreds of kilometres, 1,501kms to be exact … it’s still so hot! This blog post covers 11th to 17th September, from Darwin to Alice Springs, NT. Darwin is hot. I mean, uncomfortably hot. We had no shade at our camp site and

I Love Grey Nomads – Here’s Why

We’ve been on the road for nine weeks now and travelled from Port Macquarie NSW all the way up the east coast to Cairns, across the Savanah Way to Darwin, and then down the Stuart to Alice Springs. In all that time and over those thousands of kilometres, I would say that about 90% of the other travellers we see on the road and in the caravan parks/campgrounds are grey

Things Get Interesting

So this week we drove the road from hell. First stop, appropriately, Hells Gate. This blog post covers 4th to 10th September, from Normanton, QLD to Darwin, NT. Things started off uneventfully, as these things often do. We filled up and left Normanton by about 9am. The road was a mixture of sealed one and two lane roads, and gravel. We shared the one lane roads with oncoming road trains,

Undara Lava Tubes and Cobbold Gorge

We’re on the move again. This time we’re heading in a steady westward direction, oh wait… except first we need to go north back to Atherton… This blog post covers 28th August to 3rd September, from Ravenshoe to Normanton, QLD. We realised that we really needed to get to a SuperCheap Auto to pick up some thicker cables for charging the AGM battery from the car. So we drove the

Ravenshoe Railway Caravan Park

We’ve stopped. I think we’re stuck here. This is probably the only time I’ve ever been happy about being stuck at the railway station! This blog post covers 21st to 27th  August, in Ravenshoe, QLD. This whole week has been spent at the Ravenshoe Railway Caravan Park. At just $10 per night for an unpowered site, it gave us the chance to catch up on some blog posts, take our

The Perfect Little Caravan

I’m constantly on the hunt for the best caravan or motorhome or camper trailer for us. Constantly. When a new sponsored post comes up on my facebook feed I think I’ve found the perfect one, or when a man stops to help us with our trailer lights and I covertly covet his rig, I think it’s perfect. But this time, I really do think I’ve found it! I’ve found the