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Still in Dubbo

We are WELL overdue for an update. So read on to find out why we’ve been absent from this blog for the last three months. Spoiler Alert: there’s nothing exciting, it’s just life (and laziness, maybe) got in the way. Still in Dubbo Yeah, ahhmm… when we arrived here in Dubbo we thought we’d just …

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If you're looking for the best things to do while visiting Dubbo NSW you must make the Taronga Western Plains Zoo your first stop.

Four of the Best in Dubbo NSW

We’ve made Dubbo our home-for-now as we save for a caravan and work on our online businesses. Situated just 5½ hours drive from Sydney, in the central west NSW, it’s the largest town in the Orana region and I love it, cos it’s got everything I need. (Oh, except a beach :-/) We’ve been here …

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Slowing Down

We’ve sloooowed right down. Just one move this week, from Port Augusta to Adelaide. That was after we got our car back, of course. This blog post covers 25th September to 1st October, from Port Augusta to Adelaide, SA. The Car is Fixed! Man, were we ever happy when we got the call from the …

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Ravenshoe Railway Caravan Park - we stayed at the Ravenshoe Railway Caravan Park for nine days and the did the waterfall circuit (driving) while we were there.

Ravenshoe Railway Caravan Park

We’ve stopped. I think we’re stuck here. This is probably the only time I’ve ever been happy about being stuck at the railway station! This blog post covers 21st to 27th  August, in Ravenshoe, QLD. This whole week has been spent at the Ravenshoe Railway Caravan Park. At just $10 per night for an unpowered …

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Ben & Michelle - Road Trip Around Australia - Getting Into The Groove

Getting Into The Groove

The trek north continues and I think we’re finally getting into the groove of things. Now that we’re in far north Queensland, we’re where we wanted to be at about this time. As in, we’re as far north as we wanted to be for the coldest months of winter. So there’s no internal/subconscious push to …

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Ben & Michelle - Road Trip Around Australia - Townsville


We’ve spent the whole week in Townsville. And I know I should tell you all about the magnificent tourist attractions. But I can’t. All I can tell you about is… well… the lookouts. This blog post covers 7th to 13th August, in Townsville QLD. Townsville Lookouts Townsville does good lookouts. I mean, they’re high up, …

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