How to make your caravan interior feel more like home

Short of doing a full renovation of your caravan, here are a few tips that will help to make your caravan interior feel more like your home. This is especially important for those of us that live full-time in our caravan… it IS our home. Stepping into your caravan you want to feel like you’re coming home, not stepping into a tin box that is impersonal or feels clinical. On days where you’re stuck inside because it’s bucketing down, or it’s just too cold outside, you’ll be glad to have a homey and comfortable place to relax. Here are a

Road Trip Around Australia | Getting Set Up

So you’ve decided you want to road trip around Australia and you’re in the planning stages now? This is a great idea! We had the same idea, but finding the answers to the many questions I had, proved time-consuming and a little bit frustrating. Though we searched high and low, the answers were all over the place. So we decided that we wanted to help others; those that are as excited about travelling around Australia as we were, who have a seemingly insatiable desire to read everything they can about the topic, and who love planning everything that they possibly

5 Lessons from living full-time in our caravan

We’ve been living full-time in our caravan for ten months now, most of that time we’ve been stationary and either one of us, or both of us, working. Ben at trade type jobs and me in an office. Our caravan is a teeny weeny 14ft pop-top with no bathroom, yet it has become our home on wheels and we’ve totally adjusted to this different way of life. These are the lessons we’ve learnt since we’ve been living tiny in our caravan… 1. Being organised is everything You MUST be organised. I’m not just talking about being organised in your storage,

Off-Road Caravans

Ok, well let’s start with the first question you’re probably asking yourself about off-road caravans: What is the difference between an off-road caravan and a ‘normal’ caravan? What makes an off-road caravan any better (or even different) than a normal one? Well, all gimmicks aside… you may be surprised to know that there’s really only 3 things that make off road caravans different to normal. If you include all the gimmicky extras, then yeah, there’s LOTS of differences, and any good salesman will rattle off as many of these as possible… but there’s only 3 things that actually make a

Caravans for Couples

When it comes to purchasing a caravan, finding the best caravan for couples is tough! We’re in the “tell him he’s dreaming” stage at the moment. And while we’re in that stage, the world of caravans for couples is totally open to us, and nothing is off limits! But finding ‘the perfect’ caravan for us is a little bit harder than I had thought. Yes, I’ve written about a fantastic little caravan that I think would be perfect for us, however, there are a few other features that I’d now like (i.e. I changed my mind) so I thought I’d

The Perfect Little Caravan

I’m constantly on the hunt for the best caravan or motorhome or camper trailer for us. Constantly. When a new sponsored post comes up on my facebook feed I think I’ve found the perfect one, or when a man stops to help us with our trailer lights and I covertly covet his rig, I think it’s perfect. But this time, I really do think I’ve found it! I’ve found the perfect little caravan for us! Now that I’ve found it … I just need to find the $45,000 so that we can buy it. <gulp> :-/ We first saw this

Choosing the Right Set-Up

I feel the need to start every one of these ‘Choosing the right set up’ posts with a disclaimer: I wouldn’t have a clue what’s the right vehicle or camper or power system or fridge or anything! I have had no idea, that’s why I’ve needed to research the heck out of these things, so that I could have at least a modicum of a clue as to what we would need to consider. If you’re trying to decide whether you’re going to travel in an 8m Toyota Coaster Motorhome with full kitchen and bath, a Landcruiser Prado with all