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Toy Hauler Caravans Australia 2023

Toy Hauler Caravans that are available in Australia

Are you looking for a toy hauler caravan for your road trip around Australia, so that you can take some of those big boy and girl ‘toys’ with you and make the trip even more about fun and enjoyment?

Buying a toy hauler caravan means that you could take some motorbikes, or quad bike, or mountain bikes (that you don’t want to store outside the caravan, cos sheesh those things are expensive!).

What is a toy hauler caravan?

A toy hauler caravan looks like a conventional caravan, except the (usually) the back wall of the caravan can be lowered down to create a ramp into the caravan.

The ramp leads to a section of the caravan that can be used for transporting ‘toys’ like motorbikes, quad bikes, bicycles, kayaks etc.

The floor of the garage area is a more resilient material so that it can withstand heavy and dirty things being pulled in and out, and it can be washed down when needed. It will also have tie down points so that you can secure those expensive toys during transit.

Most toy hauler garages are designed to be multi-purpose. So they’ll often have beds or bunks that fold down from the walls, or lower from the roof, and other options like an entertainment unit or fold out sofa.

You don’t have to be limited to using the space to haul toys either; the garage space of a toy hauler caravan could also be used for other things like a workshop, office or craft room.

Toy Hauler Caravans Australia Price

A few people have commented that they want to see the prices of caravans in these posts. So I’ve included prices for these toy hauler caravans in AUD.

BUT… you really need to be careful to compare apples to apples.

Where the manufacturer lists a base price I’ve included it; but where they haven’t, I”ve looked up the price of that model online.

A base price may not (probably won’t) include all the extras that a caravan that is already for sale at a dealer does.

So take these prices with a grain of salt, and be sure to do your own research.

We’ve had a hunt for what toy hauler caravans are available here in Australia. Check them out below.

Goldstar RV Toy Hauler

I feel like we’re starting off with a bang here. Have you heard of Gold Star RV before? They’re a direct-to-the-public caravan manufacturer; so they don’t sell at shows or through a dealer network. And they batch manufacture their caravans so that they can keep prices as low as possible.

Anyway, their toy hauler has a rear wall that opens up or down (you can choose) to reveal a huge garage for the toys. There are four bunk beds on the wall which makes this toy hauler super versatile.

Goldstar RV Toy Hauler
Goldstar RV Toy Hauler

Base Price: $64,990

Jayco Toy Hauler Base Station

We all know that Jayco are one of the big guns in the caravan manufacturer world in Australia, so you’ve probably already seen their toy hauler range. They’ve got the ‘Base Station’ and the ‘Work N Play’, so let’s have a quick look at the Base Station.

The Base Station has the garage with four fold-down bunks beds, and a fold down rear ramp.

Jayco Toy Hauler Base Station
Jayco Toy Hauler Base Station
Jayco Toy Hauler Base Station

Base price: $89,390

Jayco also have the much more compact Work’n’Play where the garage space can be used for hauling toys, a twin bedroom, or dining area. Very multi-functional. Check it out the Jayco Work’n’Play here.

New Age Toy Hauler

New Age Caravans have the XU, a toy hauler that has the same basic layout. A garage at the back with a rear ramp to get the toys in there. And four fold down bunk beds. Take a look below.

New Age Toy Hauler XU
New Age Toy Hauler XU
New Age Toy Hauler XU

Price: $90,990

Paramount Caravans Tuff Mudda Toy Hauler Caravan

Paramount Caravans have a few different layouts in their Tuff Mudda range of toy hauler caravans. This is the TM2 – 18’6 which has the garage access from the side of the van with two bunk beds, and the main bed on a fold out section at the front of the caravan.

Exterior view of the Paramount Caravans Tuff Mudda TM-2 toy hauler caravan showing the side garage door at the rear of the van.
Paramount Caravans Tuff Mudda Toy Hauler
Interior view of the Paramount Caravans Tuff Mudda TM-2 toy hauler caravan.
Paramount Caravans Tuff Mudda Toy Hauler
Floorplan of the Paramount Caravans Tuff Mudda TM-2 toy hauler caravan.
Paramount Caravans Tuff Mudda Toy Hauler

Price: $111,000-ish

Austar Toy Hauler

Here’s an Australian caravan manufacturer that specialises in toy haulers only. So they’ve got a good range of layouts and types. The one below is their 3Style model.

View of Austar 3Style toy hauler caravan with the rear garage door down.
Austar Toy Hauler 3Style
Interior view of the Austar 3Style toy hauler looking from the garage area in the back towards the front of the caravan.
Austar Toy Hauler 3Style
Austar Toy Hauler 3Style

Price: $62,900

Dreamseeker Caravans F-14 Tomcat

Here’s something a little different from all the other toy haulers we have listed here!

Instead of the four bunk beds in the garage area, this toy hauler includes an entertainment unit and lounge (which can be a bed too). This toy hauler isn’t trying to appeal to the families, but couples who want to have all the fun and adventures during the day and relax with plenty of space in the evening. I love it!

Dreamseeker Caravans F-14 Tomcat
Dreamseeker Caravans F-14 Tomcat
Dreamseeker Caravans F-14 Tomcat

Price: $120,000+-ish

Evolution Caravans Toy Hauler

Evolution Caravans specialise in custom built caravans, but their toy hauler model starts with a great base and you customise everything that you want.

Evolution Caravans Toy Hauler
Evolution Caravans Toy Hauler

Price from: $95,490

More toy haulers in Australia

There are more toy hauler vehicles in Australia like camper trailers and caravans with an extended platform, or the ability to haul toys above the camper or caravan. You could check out:

Patriot Campers

Patriot Toy Hauler

Royal Flair Caravans Raptor

Royal Flair Raptor

Tactical Tourers Xpedition Toy Hauler

Camper trailer exterior showing the tent set up and quad bikes being loaded on to the toy hauler trailer.
Tactical Tourers Xpedition Toy Hauler


And there are horse float caravans like the EquiVan that could just as easily be used for toys or horses. Now that’s what I call multi-functional!


Final thoughts on toy hauler caravans Australia

After seeing this selection of toy hauler caravans that are available here in Australia, do you think it’s something that you would make the use of? Or has it made you realise that a ‘conventional’ caravan is more suitable for you?

If you’re not sure that the toy hauler is right for you, we’ve compiled lists of other types of RVs that are available here in Australia. These might be more suitable for you?

best small camper vans

Or has it made your realise that an off-road camper trailer is what you need, with the ability to carry the toys either above the camper or on an extended trailer?

I’d love to hear what you think about these toy haulers Australia.


Friday 13th of November 2020

Absolutely been looking for a toy hauler to point having them if you cant take them and the Mrs demands more luxury than a tent these days. Thanks for compiling this list, it would be good if you listed Australian Made /and owned and off road capabilities as well.


Friday 19th of June 2020

We have a Caria. Love it. Believe that Austar rose out of the ashes of Caria?

Leigh Murray

Monday 15th of June 2020

The Austar 3 Style starts at $56000 FYI and also I didn't see mention of the Caria Toy Hauler. Just saying. I like what you've done and found it helpful now I just have to decide. Cheers


Monday 15th of June 2020

Ah great, thanks for the extra info Leigh. I'll update that price now. I looked for Caria, but they've got nothing current online (no website and FB page hasn't been updated for 2 years) so I'm presuming they've gone out of business? And I was so keen on seeing more of that unique 'double story' garage!

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