Camper Trailer Brands

If you’re in the fortunate position to be in the market for the best camper trailer Australia… well, I’m more than a little envious! And this post is for you. There are quite a lot of excellent quality camper trailers Australia and designed to suit this climate, terrain and the Aussie way of travelling. I thought it would be an interesting exercise to see what camper trailer brands are out there and to showcase some of the awesome designs and accessories now available. For this list I decided to just look at tent top camper trailers, both soft and hard

Road Trip Around Australia | Getting Set Up

So you’ve decided you want to road trip around Australia and you’re in the planning stages now? This is a great idea! We had the same idea, but finding the answers to the many questions I had, proved time-consuming and a little bit frustrating. Though we searched high and low, the answers were all over the place. So we decided that we wanted to help others; those that are as excited about travelling around Australia as we were, who have a seemingly insatiable desire to read everything they can about the topic, and who love planning everything that they possibly

The Pros and Cons of our Set-Up

In this previous post: Our Ideal Set-Up, I waxed lyrical about our ideal set-up being a 4WD towing a camper trailer, along with all the additional bits and pieces that we believed would make life more comfortable for us. Well, here we are one month into our trip and some may wonder if this is still the ideal set-up for us? In this post I’ll go into the pros and cons of our set-up, covering all those things that we had no idea about prior to starting this trip. Vehicle We have 2005 Hyundai Terracan CRDi 4×4, purchased for $8k

Buying a Used 4WD & Camper Trailer (Part 2) – What We Learnt

We left New Zealand less than three weeks ago… and it’s kinda overwhelming thinking about how much we’ve learnt in three short, but jam-packed weeks. Our plan for this blog has always been for it to be helpful to others that want to do a similar type of trip. Well, we’ve got plenty of learnings about buying a car and camper trailer that we can share with you. (FYI – if you’re not planning on doing a trip like this but are just interested in what Ben and I are up to, this post will be painfully boring for you!

Buying a Used 4WD & Camper Trailer (Part 1) – When You Live Outside Australia

I don’t know if this is the right way to do things, but it’s the way that we’re doing it. As you know, we live in New Zealand and we’re going to be buying a used 4WD and camper trailer when we arrive in Sydney on the 4th July. (One more week, yay!!! Oh hang on, only one week?!? Sheeeeet!!!!) So is it really that disadvantageous that we’re not in Australia while we go through the process of looking for a vehicle? I don’t think so. I don’t think the process is too dissimilar to what you would do when

Our Ideal Set-up

In a previous post I talked all about the different set ups that you could have when doing a trip like this, from a motorhome right through to a car with a tent in the boot. It’s all part of the research, figuring out what you need and then what you want… and then what you can afford. So we’ve been through that process… over and over (and over) again. We think we’ve narrowed down what we want… we’re now at the ‘what can we afford stage’. Here’s the low-down: What’s our ideal set-up? We’ve decided to go with the

Choosing the Right Set-Up

I feel the need to start every one of these ‘Choosing the right set up’ posts with a disclaimer: I wouldn’t have a clue what’s the right vehicle or camper or power system or fridge or anything! I have had no idea, that’s why I’ve needed to research the heck out of these things, so that I could have at least a modicum of a clue as to what we would need to consider. If you’re trying to decide whether you’re going to travel in an 8m Toyota Coaster Motorhome with full kitchen and bath, a Landcruiser Prado with all