Virtual Assistant | Work from home or the road

I’ve been doing virtual assistant work from home for over a year now (from the caravan actually, as we travel around Australia), so I thought it about time I give you the full run down of what a virtual assistant is/ does, how much a virtual assistant can earn, and how you can become a virtual assistant in Australia. (Virtual Assistant = VA) There is quite a lot of information about virtual assistants online, but much of it is USA based. So I’m talking about my experiences as a virtual assistant here in Australia, and how it works for us

How we make money in Australia while travelling in our caravan

Last year I wrote a post explaining how we make money in Australia while travelling in a caravan. I thought it might be time to give an update on how we’re funding our travels … mainly so you get a clear picture of what this lifestyle is like for us. It’s certainly not the Instagram-perfect lifestyle that others seem to be able to achieve. But that’s okay. This is our story. They say that when you write a blog you should write about the things that people want to know about the most. The question I see most often is,

Funding Your Trip

The BIGGEST question that surely, must be on everyone’s mind is, “How are you funding your trip?” and “How on earth am I going to fund MY trip around Australia?” or something like that… but probably with more expletives than this PG rated blog can mention. There are those that are retired and drawing an income from somewhere, investments in stock, real estate or whatever, and/or the government. And there are those who have saved up for a couple of years, they’ve bought themselves their car and caravan and saved up for a whole year on the road. No having

How to use Pinterest for your travel blog

Have you heard all the craze about Pinterest? Are you thinking that you should be jumping on that bandwagon and using Pinterest for your travel blog? Bloggers the world over, from every different type of niche, are proclaiming the wonders of Pinterest and how it’s bringing in an avalanche of traffic to their blogs. Is this true, or are they just trying to sell you something? Heads up: this article is only going to be interesting to people who have their own blog/website and would like to use Pinterest to get their blog in front of more people. If you’re