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Sharing their caravanning experience | RVeeThereYet

RVeeThereYet share their caravanning experience | Interview Series

We continue our series of posts where we interview other travellers who are living full-time on the road. We find out what motivated them to leave the ‘normal’ life behind, and, most importantly, how they can afford to keep living this lifestyle.

Today, we’re talking to RVeeThereYet.

Marty and Kylie have been travelling around Australia for the better part of 20 years, but in 2018, decided that even 12 months on the road would not be long enough.

Find how they can keep caravanning full-time around Australia…

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Marty & Kylie – RVeeThereYet

What made you decide to hit the road full-time?

Kylie and I had been wanting to do this for a long time.  We first decided to go for 12 months but I think we both knew in our own hearts we wanted to continue full time.  When I was made redundant from work, that sealed the deal for us.

Man and woman standing in front of Uluru / Ayers Rock, holding a glass of wine

Who are you travelling with?

There’s myself, my wife Kylie and our 2 West Highland White Terriers, Savannah and Poppy.

2 West Highland White Terriers

What is your set-up?

We have a Toyota Landcruiser 200 series towing a Roadstar Safari Tamer off road caravan.

Car and caravan in the Australian outback at sunset
What did you do with all your belongings?

We sold up everything except for a few essentials we have at Kylie’s parents’ place.  We sold stuff on eBay, gave away heaps to family and friends, put stuff out on the nature strip for strangers to collect.  We filled 2 x 3 cubic meter skips and took 10 trailer loads to the tip.

Rear view of a dusty caravan in the Australian outback

How can you afford to live this lifestyle?

I have been very fortunate to be able to access my superannuation.  I also do freelance writing for a couple of online caravanning magazines. The two generate sufficient income for us to live comfortably and do a few tourist things every now and again.

Woman standing on a tour boat on a river in Northern Territory, Australia

What’s your favourite thing about living on the road?

That’s hard to nail down.  The freedom to go and do whatever we want is very appealing.  The people we have met along the way have enriched our lives in ways we couldn’t imagine.  We have absolutely zero stress which, after the careers we both had, is a welcome change.  We appreciate the simple things in life.

Car and caravan on a dusty road, near a railroad birdge underpass.

What’s your least favourite thing about living on the road?

I hate clean up day.  I’m not fond of emptying the toilet cassette.  Sand flies.  All first world problems really. 

Being away from our families and friends is tough at times.

Would you recommend others do things the way you have done it?

I would but at the same time I acknowledge that everyone’s circumstances are different.  What suited us may not suit everyone. 

That said, not having a house to worry about and cleansing yourself of all your unnecessary possessions is very liberating.

Car and caravan under a starry sky

Thanks for sharing with us, Marty & Kylie!

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Marty mentioned above that he writes for a couple of caravanning magazines; I’ve read some of his articles, they’re always helpful and sometimes funny. You won’t be surprised to find that same depth of knowledge, yet personable writing style, over on their blog.

One section I found particularly helpful is the Resources page. Go here if you need info on getting your caravan set up; whether it’s electrical, towing advice or off-road caravans. RVeeThereYet Resources page

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RVeeThereYet was interviewed by RVDaily and you can hear them chatting about selling all their stuff and embarking on their journey of discovery. Podcast with RVDaily

Here’s all the details for following along with RVeeThereYet


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