Do they make small fifth wheel trailers?

Do they make small fifth wheel trailers?

Since we’ve been at this show grounds, I’ve seen a lot more fifth wheel trailers than I ever did in caravan parks as we travelled around Australia.

We’re looking for the best small 5th wheel trailers and we’ve found some beautiful Australian made 5th wheelers for sale. There are very few 5th wheel camper manufacturers that make 5th wheel trailers under 5000 lbs, but we have managed to find some small and light fifth wheelers, even an 18 foot 5th wheel travel trailer. Check them out here. #fifthwheeltrailersI’m presuming it’s because there is no size limits here at the show grounds, you don’t have to squeeze into an allocated spot, you just find a spare pole with power and water and hook up. So those much larger RVs, like fifth wheels, buses and massive motorhomes, can easily come in and find a spot. Heck, you wouldn’t even have to reverse into a spot here, just drive straight up to your spot and unhook.

It’s seeing these fifth wheels that has reignited my like (lust might actually be the more accurate word) for these trailers as I’m eyeing up how spacious and comfortable they look.

Most of the fifth wheels I’ve seen online have been those in the USA where they are HUGE. I mean, 40ft is not uncommon, at all, over there. (40ft = 12 metres!!)

Though I would reeeeeally like to have a fifth wheel, I would still like to be as small as possible, while still having all the things I need/want.

So I’ve been on the search for fifth wheels that are manufactured here in Australia, but are still small.

What’s so good about fifth wheel trailers?

One of the reasons you might be looking for a fifth wheel is that your tow vehicle can tow a bigger, heavier rig if the load is centred on the bed of your ute or truck as in a fifth wheel, compared to the weight being on the tow bar like a caravan.

So it may seem counter-intuitive to have a small RV as a fifth wheel. I mean, if it’s small, you may as well just have a caravan, right? But there are other reasons to consider a small fifth wheel, such as more stability (less sway) while travelling at speed, and a bit easier to back.

Since the word ‘small’ is a bit subjective, I’m limiting this search of mine to anything 25ft/7.6 m and under and includes a toilet and shower.

So if you are also in the same situation, where you like the idea of a fifth wheel trailer, but are not keen on anything too large, this post is for you!

Australian Fifth Wheel Trailers

Sunliner Northshore

A couple of the Sunliner Northshore model fifth wheels fit into my criteria of 25ft or less. A 7m & a 7.8m version (23’ & 25’5”).

I like the layout of their shortest model (5N461) as the slide out makes it quite spacious. Whenever looking at RVs with slides, I also consider whether everything could still be used even if, for some reason, you’re not able to extend out the slide. And in this one, you could.

There’s no sofa/couch, but we’re okay with that.

Layout plan of the Sunliner Northshore Fifth Wheel 5N461 Sunliner Northshore Fifth Wheel exterior shot

And thankfully, the decor it light and bright. Maybe not to everyone’s taste, but at least it’s not brown.

Sunliner North Shore Fifth Wheel interior

Sunliner North Shore Fifth Wheel bedroom

Travelhome Macquarie

There are a couple of Travelhome Fifth Wheels here at the moment (it might be because we’re in the Newcastle region, where they are made) and they look really nice overall. The ones’ here are the 29ft, but they do come in shorter lengths. The Travelhome Macquarie can be either 23ft or 25ft, both have the same basic layout, but the shorter one has the bathroom vanity inside the bathroom whereas it’s outside the bathroom on the longer version.

Though the layout shows single beds, they can actually be converted to a queen bed.

Travelhome Macquarie 23ft Fifth Wheel layout

Travelhome Fifth Wheel exterior
I notice that all the Aussie fifth wheels don’t have a high roof over the bedroom area (like most of the American ones do), so it’s more like a sleeping space as opposed to a bedroom I s’pose.

Travelhome Macquarie 23ft Fifth Wheel interior front

Travelhome Macqurie 23ft Fifth Wheel interior rear

I’m liking the decor too. It’s a bit bland (which is good, because you can jazz it up however you want) but it’s certainly not ugly!

Winjana Strzelecki

Winjana have 4 fifth wheels and they’re all under 26’ but the one I want to look at is their smallest one at just 19’5”. They don’t have a layout plan, and limited photos, but I’m guessing the bathroom is a small wet bath.

But look at this little cutey!

Winjan Strzelecki fifth wheel side profile

British Fifth Wheel Trailer

Fifth Wheel Co Dreamseeker

I’ve included this Dreamseeker by the British brand the Fifth Wheel Co just as a comparison to what we have available here in Australia. And since we import a lot of caravan from the UK it may be possible to import this one if it really takes your fancy.

The Dreamseeker is a petite 24’11” and manages to fit in a full (walkthrough) bath and a sofa as well as the dining area. That slide sure does open up the space in there.

Fifth Wheel Co Dreamseeker layout

Fifth Wheel Co Dreamseeker exterior

Fifth Wheel Co Dreamseeker interior rear

Fifth Wheel Co Dreamseeker bedroom

North American Small Fifth Wheel Campers

I was only able to find 3 fifth wheel trailers from North America that fit into my small category (but there are bajillions of fifth wheel models over 30ft) so I’ve included them below if you wanted to check them out.

I’m also being a bit ‘tongue in cheek’ here, adding them simply so you can compare the interior decor of these brand new fifth wheelers with the interior decor of what you can get here in Australia.

I have to say, even though we may not always like what our Australian manufacturers decide is nice design, it is a far sight better than what they get in most North American trailers.

90% of brand new RVs coming off the lot have awful browns and swirls that come straight out of the 90’s. Some of them look hideous!

The Escape 5.0TA

This 21’2” fibreglass fifth wheel from Canadian company Escape Trailer Industries

The Escape 5.0TA layout The Escape 5.0TA side profile The Escape 5.0TA interior front The Escape 5.0TA interior rear

The layout packs a punch with everything that they fit in there, and while it’s not my favourite layout, it does have everything you need… as long as you’re cool with a wet bath, of course.

A brown interior though. <sigh>

KZ Sportsmen

This is the ‘smidge over 25ft’ fifth wheel from KZ which comes in at 25′ 3″. It’s the smallest of their fifth wheel range but has all the bells and whistles that we have all come to expect from the much larger rigs.

I really like the layout with the kitchen on the back wall, it makes the most of the entry being straight into the kitchen, rather than having a separate entry area. This rig fits in everything I could want in a home, and nothing more, keeping it short and probably light.

But it makes my poor heart sore with sorrow to see all that brown decor. I hate it with a bit of a passion and it seems such a waste when it’s a brand new RV though. I’m pretty sure I’m preaching to the converted here, so I’ll try not to go on too much about it. #istillhateitthough

KZ Sportsmen layout
KZ Sportsmen exterior KZ Sportsmen interior rear

KZ Sportsmen bathroom


You know we couldn’t go past this one, right? Another fibreglass fifth wheel, the Scamp already has the ‘small, light’ niche covered.

At just 19’, it is the smallest of the small fifth wheel campers; but thankfully, it still manages to fit in a small wet bath.

Everything is downsized, as you would expect, but that’s what you get when you want small.

But… boy is she ugly! I know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but… just look at her! There’s something about the shape, and the uneven roof and the sticking out awning, that just make it look unbalanced and, well, odd.

And I gotta admit, the interior ain’t much better either. More brown, but at least it’s a lighter brown?

Scamp Fifth Wheel layout Scamp Fifth Wheel side profile Scamp Fifth Wheel interior

Australia is the land of the caravan, but it’s not too much of a leap to go to a fifth wheel trailer.

What do you think? Is a fifth wheeler something that you would consider?

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We’ve gathered together all the Australian made 5th wheelers for sale in this compilation of small 5th wheel trailers best for Aussie roads. We’ve got the 5th wheel camper manufacturers that make small fifth wheels and even include an 18 foot 5th wheel travel trailer and 5th wheel trailers under 5000 lbs. #fifthwheeltrailersAre you heading off on your big lap and looking for Australian made 5th wheelers for sale? We’ve got you covered here! There aren’t a lot of 5th wheel camper manufacturers here in Australia (certainly not compared to caravans) but we’ve collated a list of the small 5th wheel trailers best for Australian travel. We’re looking only at those under 25ft, but we’ve also managed to find an 18 foot 5th wheel travel trailer. #australianmade5thwheelersforsale


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