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Fifth Wheel Campers Australia | 2024

I really like fifth wheel campers and I wish I could say that they are gaining in popularity in Australia; because if that were so, then maybe the price of them would decrease, while the availability and model range would increase.

But it’s not the case, unfortunately.

There are a very limited number of RV manufacturers either producing or importing fifth wheelers and that number doesn’t seem to be growing.

But why would you consider a fifth wheel anyway?

Why Fifth Wheel Campers are a Good Option

Stability and Towing

The fifth wheel hitching mechanism, which attaches to the bed of a ute or truck, creates a more balanced and secure connection compared to the traditional rear-mounted tow ball used for caravans.

This hitch position distributes the weight more evenly over the truck’s axles, significantly reducing sway and improving handling, especially in adverse weather conditions or on winding roads.

As a result, drivers experience enhanced control and a smoother ride compared with towing caravans, and the improved manoeuvrability of fifth wheel campers allows for easier navigation and parking, even in tighter spots.

Heavier weights

The fifth wheel hitch is positioned over the rear axles of the truck, this hitch position allows the truck to better support and distribute the additional weight, providing a stable and secure towing experience.

Unlike traditional caravans that stress the rear of the towing vehicle, the fifth wheel setup utilises the truck’s robust frame more effectively. This means fifth wheel campers can be built with heavier, more durable materials and offer more luxurious amenities without compromising safety or stability.


With the ability to have heavier loads, a fifth wheel can be fitted out with more luxurious appliances and amenities, and made with more durable materials; with less emphasis on finding the lightest possible materials.

This can make fifth wheels more versatile for long-term living and comfort.

Limitations of Fifth Wheel Campers in Australia

Size and Manoeuvrability

Since one of the major benefits of fifth wheels is the ability to have heavier rigs, it’s relatively uncommon to find small fifth wheel campers. (In case you’re looking, I have written about the small fifth wheel campers you can get in Australia)

So generally, you will find that fifth wheel campers are large. Long, heavy and tall.

This can cause challenges with driving and parking in urban and narrow spaces.

So their sheer size can make them difficult to move and particularly in Australia, it limits where you can go.

Camping Site Restrictions

There are many caravan parks that have restrictions on the size of RV that will fit in their park.

Even though the fifth wheel hitch does(apparently) make reversing into spots easier, if your camper is large, it can seriously limit the number of choices you have for parking/camping.

Tow Vehicle

Some of the Australian fifth wheel manufacturers are designing their fifth wheels with the Aussie ute market in mind, making them light enough to be towed by utes readily available here in Australia.

But if you opt for a larger, heavier rig; you will need to consider the availability and price of a vehicle that is big enough and powerful enough to tow it.

Spreadsheet of all the Fifth Wheel Campers Available in Australia

Featured Fifth Wheel Campers Available in Australia

Look, to be honest, there really aren’t many fifth wheelers in Australia. I think the limitations listed above really are a deal breaker to a lot of people, so they’re just not as popular… which means many manufacturers have decided not to include them in their range.
Even big-wig Jayco stopped manufacturing their fifth wheel back in 2016 after just 3 years of production.

So here are the few manufacturers that I have been able to find, and some of their offerings.

Sunliner Houston

Sunliner Houston

The Sunliner Houston is available in six different layouts, and 4 lengths from 7.18m to 9.38m.

You can choose between club lounge, a couple of sofas, or a dinette; and some layouts have slide-outs which add even more interior space.

Sunliner Houston
Sunliner Houston – Model 5H681

Sunliner Houston 5th Wheeler

Length: 7.18m to 9.38m
Height: 3.1m
Max ball weight: 800kg

Trailblazers RV

Trailblazers RV Fifth Wheeler

Trailblazers 5th wheels are off-road beauties and they come lengths from 20ft to 30ft with low, mid and high roof profiles. Their lightweight construction suits smaller towing vehicles, including Ranger, Landcruiser, Colorado, Dmax and light trucks – Utes or trays.

I know it’s not all about looks… but the Trailblazers do look the coolest of them all IMO!

Those long, dark window panels against the white cladding make these campers look more modern compared to any of the others on this list.

And that chic style is continued on in the interior. White walls to create space, wooden bench tops for some natural warmth, paired with dark cabinets and seating makes for a simple and stylish, yet cozy space.

Trailblazers RV Fifth Wheeler
Trailblazers RV Fifth Wheeler

Trailblazers RV Fifth Wheeler

Length: 6.71m – 9.18m
Tare: 2100 – 2800kg
ATM: 3000 kg up to 4500kg

TravelHome Macquarie

Travelhome Macquarie
Travelhome Macquarie

Travelhome produce the Macquarie range of fifth wheelers and have a number of lengths (from 23′ to 29′) and layouts to choose from.
The pictures above and floor plan below is the Macquarie 25 which allows for either a queen bed or single beds for the main bedroom. But the other options allow for a garage area, bunk beds or office space.

Travelhome Macquarie

TravelHome Macquarie

Length: 7m to 9m
Height: 3.05m
Tare: 2100-2750kg
ATM: 2800-3490kg

Winjana Ormiston

Winjana Ormiston
Winjana Ormiston

With 5 models in the Winjana range, the Ormiston is their second smallest and, IMHO, the best since it fits all the things that I think are important, into just under 7m.

There are 3 different layouts of the Ormiston.

The interior decor looks polished and modern, but neutral enough to be personalised with pops of colour.

Winjana Ormiston

Winjana Ormiston

Length: 6.95m
Height: 3.05m
Tare: 2500kg
ATM: 3500kg

Summer Life RV Drifter 25

Summer Life RV Drifter
Summer Life RV Drifter

Summer Life RV have two 5th wheel models in their range. This Drifter 25 which is 7.8m long, and the longer Drifter 29 which is 8.7m.

The Drifter 25 has been designed and built light and strong, and able to be towed by current dual cab utes.

The interior decor doesn’t seem to have a lot of bells and whistles, but is quite neutral, allowing you to really personalise the space to suit you.

Summer Life RV Drifter

Summer Life RV Drifter 25

Length: 7.8m
Height: 3.2m
Tare Weight: 2800kg
Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM): Up to 4500kg
Price: $$212,900

Spectrum RV Emerald Coast

Spectrum RV Emerald Coast
Spectrum RV Emerald Coast

Spectrum RV started out specialising in importing fifth wheel campers and converting them to Australian standards. However, they now manufacture 2 of their own models; the Emerald Coast and Sands.

While still being built in the USA, these fifth wheels have been designed and built for Australian consumers and conditions.

The overall look of these campers is that they don’t look and feel like a caravan… they’re more like an apartment. Just looking at those photos, I’m inclined to agree!

The Emerald Coast model is a massive 36ft+ so will struggle to fit into many caravan parks; however, they are also priced out of many (most) peoples budgets anyway. Standard price is $647,520.

They do also have a smaller model, the Sands at 30ft (9m+), which is still super luxurious while touted to be the lightest and strongest 5th wheel ever built. Its standard price is $398,250.

Spectrum RV Emerald Coast

Spectrum RV Emerald Coast

Length: 11.18m
Price: $647,520

Additional Resources

  • I’ve put together this spreadsheet of all the (new) fifth wheel campers that I could find in Australia and included all the main specs of each model.
    Just sign up for our newsletter using the form below and I’ll send you an email where you can download the spreadsheet in either Google or Excel format. It’s free.
  • If you need a bit of explanation about what a fifth wheel actually is, I’ve written a short guide here.