Road Trip Around Australia | Getting Set Up

So you’ve decided you want to road trip around Australia and you’re in the planning stages now? This is a great idea! We had the same idea, but finding the answers to the many questions I had, proved time-consuming and a little bit frustrating. Though we searched high and low, the answers were all over the place. So we decided that we wanted to help others; those that are as excited about travelling around Australia as we were, who have a seemingly insatiable desire to read everything they can about the topic, and who love planning everything that they possibly

12 Volt DC Appliances for the Kitchen

In one of the facebook groups I’m in, someone was asking for recommendations 12 Volt DC appliances for his caravan kitchen; in particular he was looking for a 12v coffee machine that uses Nespresso pods. The poor guy that asked the question got A LOT of answers but pretty much none of them answered his actual question. So I decided to do a little hunt of my own, to see if I could answer the question myself. Purely to help him out… of course! And now I know why there was so much difficulty in answering his question! Just a

Why We Didn’t Free Camp Sooner

In my last post about our budget blow out, I mentioned how we could have saved so much money if we’d gone free camping (or at least cheap camping) a lot more than we did. So why didn’t we free camp Australia sooner? Well, there are a few reasons, some of which are valid and some of which are more excuses than reasons. But whether they’re reasons or excuses, they still held us back from free camping around Australia as much as we could have. But if you’re heading out on your own road trip around Australia and want to

Behind Schedule & Over Budget

This was originally going to be a video, but for a whole buncha reasons it’s ended up being a blog post instead. One of those reasons is actually what this blog post is all about…. ie. technical difficulties. But the purpose of this post is, firstly, to explain why we’re so far behind schedule, and so far over budget, and how we eventually fixed the problem (or did we?), and secondly the whole reason we’re documenting our journey is so that other people can learn from our mistakes and experiences, so the more detail we can provide, the better it

The Basics of Battery Power for Camping

I have been putting off writing about the basics of battery power for camping for a couple of weeks now, it’s a subject that I know I need to know about… but it’s been quite confusing and I’m not sure I have the whole picture. Actually I know I don’t have the whole picture yet because I’m still confused and I don’t know what I need! If you’re like me and your brain starts to hurt whenever you start reading things like ‘deep cycle battery’, ‘inverter’, ‘anderson plug’, ‘amp hours’ or ‘watt meter’, then hopefully this post is helpful to you.