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Ben is just some guy who was lucky enough to marry the girl of his dreams and is now living the life of a "travel blogger". He does the video editing side of things, using nothing but an iPhone, and the occasional blog post using his favourite all-in-one blogging platform.

Off-Road Caravans

Ok, well let’s start with the first question you’re probably asking yourself about off-road caravans: What is the difference between an off-road caravan and a ‘normal’ caravan? What makes an off-road caravan any better (or even different) than a normal one? Well, all gimmicks aside… you may be surprised to know that there’s really only …

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Ben & Michelle - Road Trip Around Australia - Behind Schedule & Over Budget

Behind Schedule & Over Budget

This was originally going to be a video, but for a whole buncha reasons it’s ended up being a blog post instead. One of those reasons is actually what this blog post is all about…. ie. technical difficulties. But the purpose of this post is, firstly, to explain why we’re so far behind schedule, and …

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