Videos of our journey. The first three videos were edited and put together with some semblance of order and timeline… ahhh but they took AAAAGES to do! So then we did more fly-on-a-wall, in-the-moment, my-hair-is-a-mess videos on facebook live. Enjoy!

Our first Facebook live was done in Normanton QLD on a spur of the moment decision. Can you tell? :-O

We made it to the Northern Territory!

Oops… sideways…

Beautiful Cairns…

From boiling hot Cairns, to knock your socks off windy in Tennant Creek.

Sunset overlooking Uluru. A dream come true…

Cycling around the magnificent rock.

Our home in the forest. Mount Crawford, Adelaide SA

Whispering Wall, Gawler SA

Sunset on Lake Bonney, Barmera SA

Menindee, NSW