Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

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Have you got on the Instagram bandwagon yet?

We only just got into it lately, and while we’re not in the habit of posting regularly yet, following others has been one of the best things!

Ahhh, except that it’s also an excuse to spend too much time gawking at other peoples adventures and wishing we were as cool and adventurous as them. And wishing we could take photos as amazing as them. And wishing we had svelt young bodies like theirs, that make every photo look magazine perfect.

But don’t be like that! Just enjoy the photos, be inspired for your own travels, marvel at the wonderful colours and scenery and wildlife. There is some beautiful, BEAUTIFUL places in Australia and these Instagrammers are great at capturing them in a photo.

Here are some of my favourite instagram accounts:

Adventurers and Dreamers

While they’ve got some lovely photos on their instagram account you should really check out their blog as well, cos they’ve got heaps of GORGEOUS photos in the posts!Ā

Doggos On Tour

Does anyone know who put all the sand in the van?

A post shared by Rhodes & Charlie šŸ¶šŸ¶ā›ŗļøšŸ‡¦šŸ‡ŗ (@doggosontour) on

These guys, Rhodes and Charlie, make me want cuddles and play time in all the beautiful locations.

Van Cat Meow

Happy Halloween everyone! 20% off calendars use code HALLOWEEN on checkout Link in bio šŸ‘‰ @vancatmeow

A post shared by Rich & Willow – travelling cat (@vancatmeow) on

And here’s one for all the cat lovers (ME!!!) Willow is one classy lady who takes us all on her van travels with her. I love, love, LOVE her. <Sigh>

Can you tell I haven’t had a ‘furry fix’ of cuddles and pats in a very long time.

And, can you tell I’m a crazy cat lady?


These are photos from lots of different instagram accounts and they’re all great.

Ryan Webber

You can tell he’s a professional, huh. And there’s heaps more on his website.

Luke Tscharke

Some absolutely stunning photos on this feed. Check it out!

Ben & Michelle

Ta daa!! And then there’s us.

But don’t be expecting any high quality photography here. If it’s a good photo, it’s totally down to the gorgeousness of nature… and the wonders of an iPhone SE. (Yep, we’re not even talking about the latest iPhone, just the one we could afford.)

Who have you been following that provides you with your Australian road trip eye candy?


Pins below for Pinterest users – you know what to do.Ā ā™„

Ben & Michelle | Road Trip Around Australia - Awesome Instragram accounts you should be following if you want some serious inspirational eye candy!Ben & Michelle | Road Trip Around Australia - Awesome Instragram accounts you should be following if you want some serious inspirational eye candy!

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